These things are fire hazard

Discussion in '2001 Ford Focus RS WRC' started by benhui86, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. these things are fire hazard man.... they hella catch on fire and shit in the middle of the race for no reason.... but you can also argue that colin is a bad driver but i dont remember any of his non ford cars do that....
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    Don't get me wrong, Subaru kicks azz, but I seem to recall that in 2001 in the Safari Rallye(?) Richard Burns' Subaru Caught fire in the middle of a stage and the entire thing got torched to a molten mass of plastic and Aluminum. It is true though, the Focus WRC spec is prone to catching on fire, I just want to point out that all WRC cars do at some point.
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    true, they all do catch on fire at some point, but you really cant blame the engineering, or the driving. dont blame anything, just look at what kind of conditions theyre racing in, i find it amazing at how the cars can still run after races.

    WRC for ever!!!

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