These things sound amazing

Discussion in '1993 Ferrari F333 SP' started by MyWickedCorolla, Nov 24, 2002.

  1. These cars make one of the most beautifull sounds ive ever heard, kinda like the sound of a street ferrari but with waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more of a bam.
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    Well, Ive never seen one, but hey, it looks like a great car!
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    Yeah. The engine is a direct decendent from Ferrari's Formula 1 cars. The 333SP sounds UNBELIEVEABLE! It's a really high-pitched scream that sends tingles down your spine!
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    I second that. The 333SP assaults your ears and makes your heart skip a beat, especially when you are hearing it start up from the paddock... 3 feet behind it.
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    who in there right mind would give a million bucks for this piece of shit
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    Ferraris suck
  8. Yeah, I saw one of these at the Greenwich, CT Concours a few years back, and the owner came out at one point, and started the car, before revving it for a few minutes. Almost in an instant, the entire crowd ran over to see where this sound was coming from. What an awesome car. There was also a 962 Race Car there as well (which the guy took home on the highway, I might add), and the 333 sounded so much better. Porsches are great, especially the LeMans-winning 962, but this car is the ultimate sex machine.
  9. At a cool million, it better sound good.

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