they killed this car

Discussion in '2004 Pontiac GTO' started by 666pickupstix, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. they killed it sure its got a good amount of horse but they made it look like a friggin grand am
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    GTO USED to be an awsome icon of old muscle and tough-guy-ness (go watch Triple-X). Now they introduce SOMEONW ELSE'S CAR as their own (way to go domestic R&D, now i see why in 20 yrs you'll be dominated by european and japanese cars), it looks like ass - oh wait, EXACTLY like a gran-prix - and has ...350HP??? and you call this a muscle car??? AMG Does wayyyyy better and theyre still a lux-o car. Correct me if im wrong but should a muscle car be able to beat most others, save for supercars such as Ferarri's and Lambo's??. I'm not sure, but i'd bet money that the old GTO's had more power than this pathetic excuse for a muscle car. Mitsu SHOULD have called the 3000GT the GTO, at least that car was worth something.
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    this will be able to beat just about anything on the road. and it is a muscle car, rwd v8, it wll sound and go like a muscle car should but you cant expect this to be the same as the one 20yrs ago because emmision laws, styles and technology has changed so much
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    If I hear another person compare anything to the GTO on triple X, I swear I am going to go postal and kill people... that one was a lame excuse for a GTO... or rather those seven... they had chevy 350's in place of the Tri power 389's... and those that came with a four speed were swapped for turbo 350's to make it easier on the stunt drivers... not to mention that movie showed nothing of the cars tru capabilities... other than used as a crappy weapon (wtf is that about anyway?) This car perfectly exemplifies the american standard it set in 1964... It's a rwd, V8 drivin, full size car... the two main differences are the independent rear suspension (which I like for the better handling) and the fact that this car is now being released in the Pony car class... same as Mustang... which is was far over the mustang upon it's original release.. and then the release of the Judge edition in 1969 further showed it's dominance over pony cars.
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    i have to agree, the grand am and gto look so much alike, if your going to make a car with nice horse, at least make it look original

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