they should change it's name

Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1' started by killer69, Aug 17, 2002.

  1. Judging from it's speed I think they should change it's animal name from Mustang to Turtle.
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    AH ha Ha ha....thats funny. You are a funny guy. What makes you think this car can be compared to a turtle? Seriously.... I wanna know. And the answer had better not be "Well I dont like ford. I like GM, so automatically every mustang blows." I really am tired of hearing that crap. Track times and look makes cars, not some silly name.
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    I agree with you a mustang can't be compared with a turtle unless a camaro is a rabbit in which case it works. And I'm not saying this because I'm a chev fanatic, I'm a chev fanatic because I know this. You say track times and looks matter, then why are you saying ford is good? This new mustang is a cheap rip-off of the old fords which were good quality. New fords are bad quality, slow, ugly, and overall bad. Chev4ever.
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    so you say Chev4ever? For Ever means until what, like next year for the F body?
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    Yeah I guess you have have one since you already know the times before any of us. This car pulls 12.9, that means you'll see some ugly Chrysler 300M... OOPS! I mean camaro headlights in your mirror.
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    That was just pathetic, couldet you think of a better name for an amazing car in history other than the "turtle". Ya that deserves a gay sticker.
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    I have to agree hear.. but I have to ask, what's with your avatar? Does that fall under looks?
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    Hey if you don't like fords then why do you look at them just to bash them. I mean either you have nothing better to do with your lives or your closet Ford fans.
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    This car sucks.
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    Hey loser boys back! You should have learned your lesson the first time you were on these boards, guess you didn't. Maybe you don't like this car because its alot faster than your car/truck/junk. Maybe you don't like it because you girlfriend left you for a guy with a mustang, but whatever the reason is, just saying "this car sucks" makes you look like such a unintelligent moron that it makes me almost feel sorry for you...almost.
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    Actually I was just playing. Besides the looks, I rather like this car.

    My problem is only with the stock Mustangs. Dumb #%$got owners acting like they are driving a Ferrari. Espeically the convertables.

    I can respect power. And im not saying that people shouldn't be proud of their cars. But im sick and tired of losers reving their stock Mustangs in the street. As to presume I want to race them, and possibly #$%# up my truck. Hell no.

    But as far as the Mach 1 goes, I like.
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    hey AmericanHP this has not realy anything to do with what were're talking about but can you post the picture of your Mustang? i'm geussing that it's yours but if it's not, i mean the one under your name.
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    Well the one under my name is not mine, I had no pictures of mine when I started posting on this site, so I found one that looked like mine and used it. I do however have some pics now that a friend of mine took. Here is one fo them. They are big files, so I will only post one of them for now.
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    Oh, by the way, the car is very dirty, I'll try to get a better pic of it when my friend comes home in a week or two.
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    Yeah ! And they should change your name from Killer to Kidder
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    lol <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Hey lido, I just bought this, but won't get it until march of 2003. It will be a sweet ride.
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    Killer69 you #$%#er I will kill you!!!!!!!
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    preformance wise this car does suck balls... iv been a fan of mustangs my whole life.. but lately theyv done nothing but dissapoint me.. my guess is that ford created this car as some kinda collector item like the bulit mustang... note all the preformace upgrades on the main page that make it look and sound better... ford was going the right way with the dohc v8 but why would they do it on such a small engine :\... but in my opponion they shouldnt even be able to call it a boss till they slap a 427 in it
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    the only problem is, if they give it more power, it will be the exact same car as the SVT cobra, so unless they gave it well over that (like 450, which i doubt they would do) they had to keep the power down and the price went down too.

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