They should redesign this

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    they should keep it around for a while but redisgn the GT1 and make a new superlight but powerful supercar to be the lead car instead of the Esprit
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    this desighn is really old they should redisign it
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    Why redesign it? It looks fine. Some cars need facelifts every 3 years, but not the Lotus. Its such a brilliant design, it doesn't age. It doesn't need to be changed.
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    Too high off the ground for me. It's got that low spoiler on the front but the rest is too high for me. Of course that's just me.
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    I love the Esprit design. It's sleek but simple. Lotus doesn't need to do anything more that a few minor changes every once in a while. It's a classic!
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Charger Daytona</i>
    <b>I love the Esprit design. It's sleek but simple. Lotus doesn't need to do anything more that a few minor changes every once in a while. It's a classic!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Man, it's classic. But its design is relly old.
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    Dammit..old is good.
    It looks fine the way it is now....Ok so the sides are lil high, good thing cuz if the ever does have some body roll, you won't be scraping the damned ground!!

    I will stand here and proudly defend this amazing desing of this Lotus. Refinements should be taken, but dammit, not redesigning the whole thing!!

    I mean good things remain good things. Look @ good wines, they are made the same way they were centuries ago!! WHY CHANGE SOMETHING GOOD! LET IT EVOLVE!! NOT HAVE A REVOLUTION AND DESTROY IT!!

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    I would have to agree on a new face lift. Although it is a nice shape it could use new changes. The car looks kind of old now.

    Only a few minor changes could make this car look alot younger.

    The way the door windows are separated into 3 parts,

    The side mirrors need to be moved out of the side of the door and into the corner, or somewhere other than where they are now (Plus the side mirrors could use an update)

    The Front bumper could use something, maybe to be beefed up or smoothed I don't know.

    The flip up lights should be changed. Not saying lose the flip ups, just try something new with them, some sort of trick design.

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    It could use a few minor updates. Other than that, the styling is fine. This car has always been one of my favorites.
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    i love the look of this car. very simple yet beautifull!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    <center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote>
    <b>Although it's classic, but I'm so bored with this design...</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center>
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    Sorry, this is kind of off topic. Hey BMXer man, do you dirt jump or do you race, or both. Im an intermediate in the ABA. Is that you doing that can-can?
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    I agree that changing the lights would do a lot to this (otherwise) gorgeous car. Not saying that they look bad, but something could be done to give that rather plain top-front angle some more visual interest. Standing close to the front, you can't see much anything else, and it looks distressingly like a Fiero.
    Every other angle is top-notch!
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    If you think this is old, look at 911's. This car is awesome. I saw one on the freeway at 2 in the morning. I pulled up next to him and just looked at the car for a couple of minutes, then I tried to get him to race me and my Datsun, (I would have lost horribly but it's fun to see fast cars in action) but he wouldn't, darn shame.
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    LOL!! good try man =P
    but which datsun?....240?
    I know that a really modded 300ZX will give the the Lotus a good run, but when it comes to some curves and corners, this thing will cruise around them as if they did not existed =P

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    agree that it could use an overhaul. I also think they should add a 6th gear for hight top end and maybe boost the turbo for more juice down low. Even if they totally redesign the car they should keep the esprit name, its classic <IMG SRC="">

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    Personally, I think that the Lotus Esprit V8 was a good boost for the aged sports car. I feel that Lotus hasn't kept up with the market in many respects. In the 70-80's most of sports car players, Porsche, Lotus, Ferrari, and Lambos had roughly the same horsepower. Many have kept countering the other with different modifications and higher horse power.

    Lotus fell of the list ten years ago. Admittedly, I am a Lotus fan but the company should consider a more up dated design and deffinately put the Lotus into the 450-550hp league. Look at every other supercar manufacturer even Aston Martin has kept with the time. I feel, from car shopping experience, the Lotus depreciates faster then anyother exotic and has a piss poor reputation when compared to any other exotic...

    Lotus has excellent potential, but even the Corvette and the Viper, which I can't say are true exotics, now hammer the Esprit! It is deffinately time for a "New Esprit"!
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    Why would you come up with something new when the old can kick the shit outta most competition @ 1/2 the cost?
    I mean, come on, I still think this car looks hot..and it's good cuz even if it looks sorta Old Skool, it still sweet!! Why be alike all the new cars and be a look alike when you can be an individual!!
    I like the car it is...and if they do change anything, may they take the time and heart to make sure it only makes the car better and not worse.


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    Eh, not impressed. It is a nice car, but if you are gonna put a lot of money into this car atleast make it faster. 350hp is not that much in a V8. It also needs some serious changes. Mine as well just get an older 80 somethin and not spend so much. Or just buy an Audi, lol.
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    i like lotus and this is won #$%#ing nice design.....for the 1980's. i mean shit dog if you look at the other cars that lotus has made they are way ahead of it's time,but this one sure as hell isn't but it is still pretty nice.
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    Well, I like it. The design is so great. I just think the engine is now unable to compete with the new technologies.<!-- Signature -->
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