Thin house for someone with a fat wallet

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    Thin house for someone with a fat wallet: Property 6ft wide on sale for £550,000

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 8:55 PM on 08th December 2009

    There really is no room to swing a cat but this two-bedroom house just 66 inches wide is set to sell for more than half a million pounds.

    The property in Shepherd's Bush, west London, on the market for £549,950, has been described as one of the skinniest houses in Britain.

    And estate agents are using that feature as its selling point.

    The house on Goldhawk Road has five levels - a lower ground, ground, first, second and third floor, with 1,000sq ft of space.

    It looks set to record a good price as a shortage of stock across London and low interest rates continue to drive prices up.

    The advertised price is £61,450 more than what it was sold for three years ago.

    Estate agent Simon Beatson, of Faron Sutaria which is selling the property, said he expected a great deal of interest in the thin home.

    He said: 'I have never seen a house like this - it really is skinny, but that adds to its charm.

    'It certainly is one of the thinnest homes in the country.' Mr Beatson said the second floor could be divided to create a third bedroom if the new owners' wished.

    He said he expected a couple or a single person to buy the house because it was not practical for families.

    Mr Beatson said the home was good value per square foot, despite its thin width.

    'The home really does have a big area and it is close to the new Westfield Shopping Centre and only seven minutes walk from the tube,' he said.

    Mr Beatson said the property market was set to soar next year because of a shortage of homes on the market.

    'There is still not as much stock on the market as we would like on the market,' he said.

    'It has quietened down over December, which it always does but we are expecting January to be booming.

    'January was really busy last year and it should be busy again.' Mr Beatson said many home owners had been too scared to sell, fearing they will not get the right price for their asset.

    But he said those fears had led to a shortage of homes for sale which had driven up the cost of real estate across London.

    'People are concerned about selling because they are worried if they will have anywhere new to move into,' he said.

    'Interest rates are low at the moment, but people are worried what interest rates will do in the New Year.

    'But hopefully the New Year is going to be very busy.'

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  2. pretty awesome but totally useless
  3. I'm a little confused about the number of floors because the picture doesn't seem to match the description.
  4. Do not want.
  5. There's a top floor that doesn't show on the picture.
  6. Thanks!
  7. Sometimes you just have to have faith.
  8. there is a place kind of like this, with a very modern glass look in i think NCY. i would hate to live in a place like that. most of the sq ft'age is useless, and there isnt much to begin with.
  10. cool interior but I wouldn't live there
  11. Wow I absolutely love that interior style.
  12. No thanks.
  13. that doesnt look 6 feet wide.
  15. I could happily live in that, if it weren't in shitty London.
  16. London looks indeed to be very shitty.
  17. Looks like it gets wider towards the back...
  18. That's #$%#ing awesome. I love creative use of space, and I don't' even know why.

    But ya, doesn't look 6 feet wide, especially that outside patio thing.
  19. Cool, but not for the price.
  20. I would love that place.
  21. pretty cool, id buy it if i was in a postition too
  22. Creative use of fish eye lens.
  23. Creative use of fish eye lens.

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