Thinking of buying an FJ cruiser

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by SuprJames, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. 4WD, 5 speed auto, 267HP, with the big luggage rack. Looking for white or silver and going to paint the wheels flat black. Thoughts?
  2. They're pretty terrible for everything other than offroading, but here you go.
  3. gayest looking vehicle ever apart from the miata
  4. just buy a 4runner.
  5. I don't mind them but they have a shocking interior!

  7. ive only seen one in my life. they look like they came out of a cartoon.
  8. Buy a real FJ.
  11. They're cool looking and good off road, but visibility out of them is absolutely terrible. I'd probably just buy a 4Runner and modify it if you want to go the off road Toyota SUV route.
  12. The OP also looks like he came out of a cartoon so it's all good
  13. never thought id admit this... but after seeing a few slightly modded FJCruisers, i kinda like them...

    id rock something similar to this one, maybe matte black and better wheels
  14. they're pretty terrible for road use as everyone is saying. from my experience there's no visibility and it drives much wider then it is. not only does that interior look bad, its bad to be in.

    according to owners its horrible on gas too, much worse then you would expect.
  15. also, it's a girl's car.
  16. Some member on here has one, I forget who.
  17. as a FJ owner i would say GO FOR IT, i have mine now for almost 3 years and i m enjoying it (on-road and off-road), and i use it as daily driver in city and highways.
    although it look big from outside, but you will be surprised how it it feel when u drive it specially in small city roads. visibility (3rd-quarter rear and side mirrors) is not the best, BUT u will get used to it very fast, and if you have the one with rear camera, parking will be piece of cake. steering is very responsive for a big car and it feel very light.
    as an off road, it is very reliable and if you know how to use it as offroader, you will have unstopable vehicle. i have tried it in soft desert sands, mountain roads and i have no issue at all, it takes whatever you through in its way, and mine is totaly stock. the dunlop all terrain tires are very good as on road and off-road. i use the car alot on highway for commuting (around 300 km daily) and the ride is not very comfortable, but i was not expecting it to be, and it is not meant to be a Lexus.
    for me, i really like its wired design (exterior and interior) and ergonomic is better than my expectation.
    on the other side, i really dont like the compass/temp gauges on the mid of the dashboard which prevent the visibility specially in tight city roads and parking lots. fuel consumption is not the best, but it common for big-compact 4x4 with 4.0 V6 and not very aerodynamic shape off course you will not great mileage, but it is not bad.
    it is very reliable, i'v never had any issue with it at all, and mine is have around 160k km now, just i do normal service.
    getting in and out for rear passengers is not easy, and the leg rooms for the back seats is small, specially for tall passengers.

    it is fun car, if you are looking for fun reliable off-roader which can be used as daily driver, with tons of aftermakert accessories, go for it.
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  21. OK, here's the deal. I have an '04 3/4 ton Silverado crew cab 4wd that I drive when I'm not driving my Miata (which come April will be down for a few months while I put a 6.2L in!). I use it to haul my wakeboard boat, occasionally project cars, and sometimes stuff. It's great for that, but I want something that is a little more unique and fun offroad. So I'm thinking of giving my parents my 3/4 ton truck and trading their '03 Silverado 1/2 ton in for the FJ (in case I still need my big truck). My boat is the only thing I really need to haul on a regular basis and the FJ is capable from what I've read for that.

    Also, the FJ is unique enough that, IMO, it probably will age pretty well. I doubt I'll ever get rid of it, and will probably just constantly upgrade and modify as things brake and the truck gets older.

    The original Land Cruiser is even more useless! My friend had one, and though I'm sure it is a capable offroader it was a slug and very uncomfortable on the street. The FJ is very comfortable even compared to my Silverado.
  23. It is bad on gas, but no worse then any other large 4wd's out there. Visibility does suck, but it's comfortable to drive and with a 105 in. wheel base is really small compared to my 157 in. wheelbase Silverado.
  24. it's supposed to be a throwback to the old FJ. It reminds me a lot of the '70 Blazer my family owned.
  25. good one..

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