Thinking of buying an FJ cruiser

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by SuprJames, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Well, decided not to get the FJ yet. So instead I bought this exhaust this morning for my other gay car with the money I saved:

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    do you have a v8 miata?!
  4. I have a Miata that will be a V8 Miata. I've been slowly purchasing everything to do the conversion, and I purchased the exhaust from Flyin Miata today because it is 20% off. Probably start the conversion in April and try to finish it in a couple months.
  5. Thta pretty sweet! What v8 are you using, LS series?
  6. 6.2L LS3 with a different cam and a T56 6 speed. Expecting around 450HP, but really as long as I'm making 350 at the wheels I don't care. I'm seam welding it, I've got Wilwood brakes and larger rotors, buying different shocks.....trying to do it right. Good thing is there are plenty of people out there who have done the conversion now so I'm not shooting in the dark.
  7. looks really good too though gray wouldn't be my first color choice.
  8. Color is actually Moonrock Metallic from the S2000
  9. Buy Xterra instead. I did.
  10. Thats actually moonrock metallic, its from the s2000, made by acura.
  11. So dont buy exterra instead. Because walper did.
  12. moonraker metallic? the color of the moonraker laser guns on goldeneye?
  13. no
    that is grey
  14. i think you should get a ford focus (used) or a new fiesta.
  15. all you sink face guys are confusing
  16. Over the weekend I had a chance to drive my friend's Land Rover Discovery S2. It gets terrible gas mileage just like an FJ Cruiser but is easier to drive! Also, you can pick up a nice one for under $10k.
  17. oh shit, you have david maus where you live? that guy is such a dweeb.

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