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Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by Slick Mo, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Hello beeble. Im in a real rut, but i think ive found my first proper car to purchase out right. Nissan 300ZX.

    But what do you think? NA or twin turbo? Go for the older model (280)? Any reoccuring problems? Any Definite problems ill encounter?

    Should i even go for it? Its sexy as hell though..arrrrgghhh!!
  2. 300zx twin turbo all the way..... any older car is going to require some maintenance and repairs to be up to good shape, but after driving my friends many times, i really liked it. great torque throughout the entire power band, a really good driving car, and it felt tight, well built.

    find a clean, lower mileage, UNmodded one.
  3. Thats what i was hoping for. Something unmolested :D But thats hard to find these days.

    Ive always been a NA-fanboy though..but i guess i need to drive both and see which one hits the nerve.

    Any frequent issues about the ZX i might need to know?
  4. i have a 300zx tt. great car, we fully rebuilt the engine, upgraded turbos and intercoolers, rims, tires, and some of the suspension.

    realy nice. definatly not a winter car. its not that great in the rain at huge boost. if we run no boost its nice.

    i kinda want an NA so i can drive it everyday in the summer without huge annoyances, but teh TT is great for turning the boost up and having fun.
  5. why not get a 350z for $9,000? iam always seeing 350z's at those prices these days.
  6. N'Ring time?
  7. because the 350z is an ugly bug/bubble looking pile of shit.
  8. This statement is incorrect.
  9. I wish lol. Used 350Z's here go for at leats 25 I'd imagine. All the 300ZX's here are really rare or are beat up jdm rhd cars.
  10. 300zxs are expensive, heavy, and really all around not that great. They also all have a brazillion miles on them and will break all the time.
  12. But you can glue your BOV back together.
  13. I wouldnt touch one, but hey its your cash
  14. Thats the thing, where im from (Bahrain) there is almost no rain All year (albeit its been a bit weird this year).

    You could easily drive on full slicks without
    1) skidding into the wall
    2) traffic police catching you (idiots)

    Anyway, it IS the cash that restricts my choices init. 350Z is..lets just say not my choice, ever.

    My ideal choice would be an RX-7, but daaaaaamn are those hard to find here. I still want to own a z though. Cheap, quick, it runs (hopefully) and is hella sexy.

  15. the 300zx is ultra pain in the rear to work on. everything is so cramp and not easy to work on it. you have to have small hands in some cases and even then they are going to get bloddy.

    changing something thats easy on one car like a belt is NOT easy on a 300zx.

    I wouldnt say they brake down alot, but its definatly a project car. its a wonderfull car tho. ultra fast and downright cool.

    the 350z is just not me. looks are a matter of opinion, and my opinion is its ugly, heavy and fat. my maxima is faster than one and its fwd, weighs less and gets more power to the ground.

    370z is much better, but thats too expensive for what it is.

    there are other cars that are better than a 300zx at that price range, sort your opinions out.
  16. Hmmm..

    Thank you for your opinions everyone.

    Now im more confused.. The dream of owning and working on my own car is becoming a nightmare.

    I have to accept any old classic will have issues, thats given. Some say the 300zx is expensive but i can get one thats like $3000 (US). 'Clean' and untouched. Mileage is over 140k (if accurate as well).

    What could/would be your money spent on in this case?
  17. Stock on stock, your Maxima is not faster than any 350Z, regardless of what year/model your Maxima is. The driver of the Z was either not racing or was a shitty driver. 03-06 Z's with the DE engine were a little bit lacking in straight line acceleration, in a quarter mile with a decent driver it was a high 13/low 14 second car. Now, the 07-08 Z's, the last 2 years of that generation Z's, had the new HR engine, which was a huge improvement over the DE engine, and its a low/mid 13 second car in a quarter mile with a decent driver, of course. Whether you were racing a DE or an HR, I don't know, but the only reason you won is because the Z driver was either a shitty driver, or simply wasn't racing.

    I love Maximas though, I never got to enjoy the 2000 and up models, but I had one 92, two 96's, and one 97, which was my favorite, all of them were 5 speeds except the 92 one. Right now I have a 97 GLE with an auto trans. as a daily driver. My buddy had an 03 6 speed Maxima SE, and man, that thing was a beast, it wasn't faster than my 07 Z, though. I wouldn't say I murdered him in a straight line but it definitely wasn't a close one.

    EDIT: Your Maxima weights less than a Z? What year is your Maxima? Where do you get your facts? My enthusiast model Z weights 32xx lbs, and that's less than 95-99 Maxima. I'm assuming you own an 00-03 Maxima, which has the same chassis as the 95-99, which is why the 3.5 liter models had such a shitty turning radius, because the engine was a little too big for the chassis. The 2004 Maxima was a total pig, because it had the same 260hp engine but weighted even more.

    long post, sorry I'm bored

    EDIT#2: Now when I say that 03-06 Z's were lacking in acceleration a little bit, I'm not saying that they were slow by any means, but the car did receive some criticism for that. A twin turbo 300ZX should be faster in a 1/4 mile than 03-06 Z stock on stock. If you're looking to buy a Z, an 07-08 is what you want, on paper, it doesn't look like there's much difference between 03-06 and 07-08, but try driving both and you'll see the 07-08 shine. The HR engine, is smoother, has better power delivery, revs higher, has a dual intake, and beefier internals...I mean it was 80% new or re-designed.
  18. It's possible that 350Z was an automatic, which means it was slow as balls.
  19. Just go get some sweet ass classic car if you want a project.
  20. For example, lets take two exactly same cars, one is stick shift, and the other is automatic. Half of the 'race car' drivers on this board would lose to the automatic car if they were driving the stick shift, just because the car is stick shift doesn't mean it'll go from Dodge Caravan to Dodge Viper faster, you actually have to know what you're doing - launch proper, shift quickly, etc. When it comes to automatics, yes, you do loose a little bit of power, but it won't be "slow as balls" compared to the stick shift one. Of course, the automatic won't be nearly as fun as the stick shift, and it will be more of a dog. It seems that people think that just because it's stick shift it will be faster. Yeah, it could be faster, if you know what you're doing.

    Honestly, I think any power difference of up to 50-75hp will depend on the driver when it comes to who wins the race, but that's just my opinion.

    I don't know, maybe in the 70s, 80s, and 90s automatic transmission were that bad that they took up so much power, but its 2009, things are pretty efficient these days.
  21. if u can afford the 350 go for it and u will not regret it. i drove both (well, i owned 350 for 5 years) and i am telling u the 350 is much much much better car overall.
    i really miss my Z <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  22. I wish I could afford a 350 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    I would definately get me an R33 and work on it *sigh*
  23. how much do the R33 cost?
  24. Would be almost three times as much as a 300zx. $10k for an R33 Skyline (after doing a quick check)

    Ive got $3k to spend on the car and $2k already on the side for repairs/mods
  25. Where do you live?

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