Thinking of getting a 300ZX

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  1. You should look into something without the weight of a full steam engine in it.
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    Cheers. Simple and helpful. Ugh look at it (zx in the vid)! I cant wait until i test drive a few.
  3. Actually id say for its time its pretty decent. The 350Z weighs about the same (depends which spec tho).

    Granted, a silvia will weigh around 300kg (700lbs) less.
  4. what about doing up an old datsun 240z? and swaping in a 350 v8 into it? the thing will rip!!
  5. Im keeping that option open (old z/sx), but thats a pretty crazy jump.

    The thing will rip, yea, but ill probably be ripped with it lol

    Other things will have to come first before an engine transplant imo (intake, driveshaft, pistons/valves, fuel injectors, exhaust system)
  6. that is true. oh well, either way owning a Z is an accomplishment. id say you buy either the Z32 or an R33
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    buying a 300zx and rebuilding the engine was the best fun i ever had with my father. it was definatly a #%!@ to work on at times, but rebuilding the engine was well worth it for the car that old. and we wanted it to be reliable with the upgrades we were going to do.

    we could have built the block up for better response and higher horse power, but i felt that wouldnt be my objective, i wanted it to be drivable.

    Sports Compact car has an article they did in the late 90's iirc.
    This is part 15. SSC went out of buisness but merged with Modified mag.
    i have some of the earlier print and we did alot of the stuff they did here, but like this one in ssc, it starts to get hard to control once you pass a certain point. the chassis needs to then be heavily modified and i dont have the room or the time to do that, let alone i dont want to wear a helmet when going driving on the road.

    in the last two years we found a boost leak and then did some other upgrades (since the law states we dont have to do emitions anymore). the last dyno we did about 4 years ago the car was making just over 450whp... its probably making 550hp or so, depending on the boost.

    The problem were having is it eats through tires like nothing. we just got some bridgestone RE050's and hope those will work out better than the goodyear F1 GSD3's we had which were great but wore like none other and also were way to expensive in the 18's we got (now only runflats are available in that size, just a year ago they had both) <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  8. It does sound like good sh!t. Jealousy creeping..

  9. One of my friends had a z31, such a cool shape IMO, reminds me of a 240/180/200sx. Would rather have one of them than a z32 but probably more even more problematic. Ironically AFAIK when nissan raced the skyline in the JGTC they used VG30's from the z32 instead of the rb26
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  11. Love Z31's
  12. $32k is too much for a 370Z?
  13. I LOVE 300zx's but I bought a 240sx instead. heaps more reliable/rwd/cheaper and basically as fast as a NA Z
  14. I'm sorry, but you're wrong. An automatic 03-06 Z has 287 horsepowers, while the manual transmission 05-06 rev-up models had 300 hp, and 07-08 has 306. A 300 horsepower car is not going to be slow, automatic or manual. Of course you loose some power through the torque converter and all that bs, but you won't loose any more than 10-15 horsepowers at the wheels, its 2009, things are way more efficient these days. Fact is, a car with 270-300 horsepowers is not going to be 'slow as balls', auto or not. Don't reply to this message.
  15. So, you're saying 287HP = 300HP? Wow, nice logic there. Ok I fold. I can't compete with that. LMFAO @ losing 10WHP due to the t/c. You're an idiot. So you're saying the SC430 isn't slow as balls? It is. So is the automatic 350Z.
  16. I would PTPIHBAU ETB4U
  17. Are you #$%#ing stupid? If you can't comprehend my last reply then I can't help you.
  18. hes beyond help
  19. If they made the manual have more HP than the automatic, that would mean the manual had more power. If they gave both motors the same, but the automatic robbed more horse power then... OH SHIT SON! It means the automatic still has less power. DIZZAM that's some dope style logic there. Oh, let's not forget the added weight. The automatic is slow as balls.
  20. did they even make an auto for the TwinTurbo version?
  21. eh? I don't think you're even reading what he is saying. Yes, the auto tranny will rob power, but modern systems are more efficient AND have much less delay then the past. A near 300hp automatic Z is still going to rape alot of cars.
  22. Pretty sure the point he was trying to make is that the tiny difference in horsepower affecting acceleration is negligable because auto trannies these days can take off/shift just as well as most manual drivers.

    I would still prefer a manual myself, just because I like choosing my own gears without stupid delays, and they are straight up more fun.
  23. Not sure about american versions but JDM versions, yes.
  24. I'm not even going to bother anymore. You're retarded.

    EDIT: Do not reply to this message.

    EDIT #2: I'm pretty sure you've never even driven a car. The way you talk makes me think that you're 12. Though, a 12 year old would probably have better comprehension skills than you do.
  25. Exactly. Most of these '#$%# yeahs' won't even be able to shift faster than a modern automatic transmission.

    I would never buy an automatic sports car, because, like you pointed out, you have so much more control over your car, and it's waaaay more fun.

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