This ain't a real rx-7

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  1. If u guys knew anythin about rx-7,s u would have noticed that this thing has had an engine transplant. normal rx-7's have 13B twin rotar engines, this thing has had a 20B triple rotar transplanted into it. Why anyone would do this is a mystery as u can easily get 550hp out of the 13B, plus the 13B is a lighter engine
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    bahm, thats what im talkin about. stick with the rotarty not mystery-
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    dude, thats because its made souly for racing. if they want to win, they're gonna do anything to make sure they do. im not saying i dont agree, this isnt pure rx7, just body style.
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    what the #$%# is wrong with transplaning an engine?
    the 20b from the cosmo kicks ass, so shit the #$%# up
    go pick the corn out of someone elses shit<!-- Signature -->
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    Probably for torque. Though I could be wrong. Isn't it nice to have the 500+ hp and the nice torque to go with it? Sure you could get that kinda HP out of a 13B-REW, but it just wouldn't have the torque that the 20B has. Sheesh. Don't nit pic a nice car. And the only thing different from this RX-7 and a stock RX-7 is the motor. It has a whole 1 rotor more then stock. Everything else is pure RX-7. If you want to say something isn't what it is depicted as, look at some of the Import Drag racing cars and NASCAR. Even in NASCAR the bodies don't look entirely stock.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Well, the Cosmos had 20Bs so this isn't really an RX-7, but if it looks that good how can you blame it?<!-- Signature -->
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    u #$%#ing wankas have no idea. bolt a trust t88h 34d turbo or 2 hks 3240's onto the standard 13b, strengthen the internals and upgrade the fuel systems etc and it will wax a 20b. the fastest street rx-7 uses a 13b, not a #$%#ing 20b, plus the car would handle better cause its got less weight hanging over the front.
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    LOL. I am sure if they wanted to go for all out power, I suppose they could have just ditched the dual setup and have gone with 1 large turbo. Alot of people running 3rd gens right now are doing that. And I garauntee you, what ever you do to a 13B can be done to a 20B and the 20B will still put out more HP then the 13B. As far as weight goes. There is NO weight hanging over the front end. All RX-7s have the motors placed back behind the front axle. Even this 20B is placed behind the front axel. All the weight is still inbetween the axles. They just had to modify the firewall a bit and the mounting points. At least this thing still has a Mazda engine. Unlike some I have seen with V-8s thrown in there. I have a 85' RX-7 GS, and if I had the money and resources to put a 20B or the new Renesis motor I would. Everyone likes to make their car faster, so why not let us do it.<!-- Signature -->
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    i swear people will find ANYTHING to ***** about... knobs
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    Who cares anyway? It probably makes this RX-7 a lot faster. Heh, thats how some people make their Civics faster, with a Prelude engine, or maybe even an S2000 engine.<!-- Signature -->
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    i would much rather a 20b over a 13b any day. im not a rotary fan but i love this shap and would only wont to own 1 if it had a 20b,
    also, the 13b's and any twin rotary motor are allright standard, but when messed with they got a nasty problem of going out of tune, bracking down and BLOWING UP. i have never heard of any problems with 3 rotar rotarys.
    this car i awesome, it would be a great car to own. these things have awesome handling
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    fastest rotarys run 13bs? I didn't know that, the quickest in australia runs a 20b and runs mid 7 passes. The 13bs a beast with a TO4 or equilivant. Why would you want anything bigger than that? For track use?
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    To this is the realist you'll ever get to a true race rx-7, and the motor? its a 13b-rew with an extra motor and a larger intake manifold. Characteristics? This RX-7 just got more selfesteem and if you add a turbo boost controller? Hell would break loose and you're gonna be lookin at a street legal car running high 9's and mid 10's. This banzai runs on 12lbs of boost. Hmmm...what would it put out if I set the boost on 21lbs? I'd say that Ferrari is way behind me. Just think people This is probably the best RX-7 you can buy. And for only 35 thousand to do this conversion? Beats the hell out of buying a vette. I'm out ONE
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    this is the coolest viper ive ever seen does it have a million pounds of horse feet???
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    Um, I do hope you're kidding, because RX-7 is NOT a Viper and it kicks @ss more than it.
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    Horse feet? WTF? Do me a favor. Set the crackpipe down next to the computer monitor. Sleep the effects off, and THEN AND ONLY THEN come back to SC.NET to post.
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    to the guy who thinks "7"s r vipers :u r a MORON!!!!!! and this 7 is a poser 7 the real 7s have the beefy 13b twin turbo this has a shity 20b heavy as shit engine n e way the normal 7 has a way better engine all u need to do is tweak the ecu and the efi and u got a instant 200hp est.70kw
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    Wow, you guys are really dumb, just because stock RX-7's carry either a naturally aspirated 13b(1.3L) Wankel 2 Rotor, doesn't mean that upgrading the engine to a 20b(2.0L) WAnkel 3-Rotor makes it a completely different car. I own a 1987 Mustang GT that came with Ford's stock 5.0(really a 4.9 according to cubic centimeters conversions) and switched it with an old Mach I's Ford 351, doesn't mean that it is no longer a Mustang or is now a Mach I. It just simply means that it is a Mustang with a 351, as to where the RX-7 is an RX-7 with a 20b 3-Rotor now. Wow, learn about cars please.
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    was it a 351 windsor, cleavland, or modified?
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    uhh.. its still a rotary engine u dipshits.. from a 13b twin rotor to a 20b 3 rotor is incredible. its still a rotary engine, just.. packed another rotor in there and boosted its power like hell. whats wrong with u people.. "oh its not an rx7 anymore", it has the right chassis, the right suspension, a rotary engine, its nothing but pure rx7 rotary engine power.

    btw, has anyone ever heard of or seen a r26b 4 rotor conversion put into an RX7? (this is the engine on the mazda 787b le mans car)
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    WTF are u talking about?!??!! u Fing moron, "a shitty 20b" ?!?!?! theres no such thing, it costs 35g's to transplant a 20b into an RX7, and you know why?! because it really shows how well a rotary engine can perform! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  22. ok guys, this is what i think. i have a 1990 mazda rx7 vert and i love fd's with all my heart. you guys need to learn about engines. the 3 rotor can get that much power out of it easily and has a wider power band than an fds stock 13b-rew which by the way is hard to make pump power out of. for an fd to be moded you have to do certain things in order. such as you cant just slap turbo's on it because it has a sequential turbo system that has to be tweeked with. and btw the 3 rotor is n/a which means less problems and no turbo lagg. also along with the higher power band. 3 rotors come with lightened rotors which means higher revs and with that wider power band the car can almost indefinetly push all of that hp out of the engine. this is why they put the 3 rotor into it. and btw, anything that looks that good is deffinetly an rx-7
  23. You're all dumb. You cannot completely throw out the number 1 factor in power output of ANY combustion engine, regardless of its method of combustion: displacement.

    A 20B displaces 2.0 liters, a 13B 1.3 liters -- and then of course the 26B, 2.6 liters, which is ridiculous. A 20B with a T88 will ALWAYS put out more power than a 13B with the exact same setup. You'd literally be stupid to argue that. A 20B does not modify the weight of any '7 enough to throw its weight distribution off.

    Mungoman: Puerto Rico, buddy... 20B heaven, all of them more impressive than any 13B I've ever seen. And I hope you're not referring to the terribly outdated drag car manned by Ari. That car is long since "the fastest street RX-7." I don't even think it's broken a 9.5 yet?

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