This aint shit

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  1. Last time i checked, fecies dident go 240 mph.
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    I ensure you that non of the Lamborghini products are crap even the old consepts. Just think about the name Lamborhini ( Bull ) it makes you feel free to junmp on the pedal and go on 390 kph!!!
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    this is shit and it may go 240 mph but you can go 240 mph in style like in a mclaren f1 this is an ugly lookin turd
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    I dont think it's that ugly, i just believe they tried to give the Diablo a meaner look.
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    that car aint crap, it alot better in the gold colour they put it in and check it out there it looks alot better in that colour than the other clolour it is in
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    Wow... McLaren, I'll take the Honda Civic, thank you!

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