This ain't the "worlds best" supercar anymore, sorry...

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    Sorry, but does ur vette come w/ a factory warranty and AC??
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    The 800TT has never been the best.

    The 1991 Koenig C62 was already better.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Bigblockbrawler426Hemistage8</i>
    <b>your ferrari is pure piece of crap as compared to the vette and it is far more expensive.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    You stupid #$%#. Tell me how a Corvette is better than a Ferrari. Is it the performance? No. The looks? No. The only thing that you like is that it is American. And it’s cheap. It is in no way a better car or make than the Ferrari 360.
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    Its a shame people can't read stats and admit they are wrong. BTW I'm not doing this because I am a corvette lover, I posted it to just to inform you that the Viper ain't the best anymore, geez
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from hennesseyms</i>
    <b>show me a URL to back up your claims. Your proof is only good when valid. I've been saying this for months: Show me proof of a better car for this price. I wanna see a 0-60, 0-100, 1/4 mile, slolom and more, backed up with PROOF! Here's mine. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Damn you're a moron. Where have you been? I have seen at least 3 threads mentioning the Vette's times. Get the new issue of Motor Trend, its right there. You seriously think people would make up those times when they can be proven wrong easily if it was false?

    Just because the Venom 800 is your favorite car, as it is mine, doesn't mean its the best in the world. Before the Vette came along, it was the fastest car for that price. But now, the Vette is here. Same price, better acceleration, in all aspects. 0-60, 0-100, you name it. Sorry, but its true. I wish that it wasn't, but it is. FACE IT. I am actually quite glad because all you do, in every single one of your posts, is say how the Venom 800 is the best car in the world and nothing can beat it. Well, sorry, the LPE Corvette is faster.<!-- Signature -->
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    Also if you have Speed channel you can see the LPE vette on Motor Trend TV
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    ALL of you all are wrong!!!!!!! there is a new car in town and its name is the HONDA CIVIC ...yes its a honda ..i just recently attend race wars at that airport over there and damn was that car fast...shit it was running a 6.87 in the 1/4 i dunno what it had but it was crazy fast ...the last race there at RACE WARS was a Nissan maxima and the civic even though the civic had a shitty start it still came ahead for the lead i think he used the NOS or sumthing maybe he had like a 2nd turbo to use well that was a race i wont forget....
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    the lingenfelter is faster, but can it turn? also, is that lingenfelter kit buyable like this 800tt kit? (i really dont know im askin you). what i wanna really see is when vipers get maxed out. this car is runnin 12 psi boost and duznt have the entire engine opened up, they well see who's king. i personally think that this car is betta just cuz im sure it can turn, and i have no clue on the lingen's turnin. also, what kinda boost is the lingin runnin? if ya no plz tell me. the lingen is faster in a straight line... fer now. i wanna see what viper comes out next.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from zo6baybee2</i>
    <b>Its a shame people can't read stats and admit they are wrong. BTW I'm not doing this because I am a corvette lover, I posted it to just to inform you that the Viper ain't the best anymore, geez</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Can you read? First, yes the 427TT Vette beats the 800TT Viper in the quarter mile, and I'm confident thats about it. I mean the Vette has over 100 less horsepower. Also, Hennessy got the Viper to over 1000 horsepower now, and SVS has a Viper that puts out over 1300 horsepower. Too bad it doesn't have numbers on it, because it would put your Corvette 427TT to shame, in pretty much everything.

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    BigBlock, FYI I have homes in both countries and if Americans prefer their American cars than I assume that everyone in the States driving a BMW, VW, Honda, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, and Subaru is a tourist…right?
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    Hey man the BMW Z3 is made in the states, a lot of car companies have plants all over the world. There is a Massive Nissan Factory in the UK. As well as Honda and loads i can't remember <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
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    I've seen 1 video of this car. Ok the 1/4 mile is faster, but I wanna see full stats including 0-60 and 0-100, not to mention slolom.<!-- Signature -->
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    Dauer 962LM is faster than both if you want to put it that way.
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    yes i will admit the twin turbo vette is faster in the 1/4 thats about it on the streets where most racing is done stop light to stop light i would put my money on the VIPER especially the SVS SUPERCHARGED viper.
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    ok a little something MOST kids dont know.... part of the reason dodge used a v10 instead of a v-8 is because of the quietness(im not callin it a quiet car) and smoothness.... they didnt just make 10cyl engine so it would make the most power ever. each cyl on a v10 has way less work to do than on a v-8 see what im gettin at?
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    This ain't the "worlds best" supercar anymore, sorry, but the Vette once again dominates. The name of this Vette you ask? The 2002 Chevrolet ZO6 Corvette with a Lingenfelter Performance Engineering 427 CID Twin Turbo package. The stats of this Vette you ask?

    Engine Type - LS6 V8 Twin Turbo

    Horsepower - 725 BHP

    Torque - 650 lb.-ft. @ 7000rpm ++ (AUTOMATIC)

    Max. Speed - 226++ mph (Actually, Lingenfelter got 226mph out of a 650hp turbo LS1, but that was geared high. So with a 725hp 427 CID TT package (without the N20) geared lower, it could easily hit 250++...)

    0-60 mph - n/a (Doesn't matter, look at the 60', 330', 1/8m and 1/4m times, Vette beats the all in every category)

    60 Feet - 1.459

    330 Feet - 4.021

    1/8 Mile - 6.142

    1/4 Mile - 9.524 @ 145.25 mph w/ M/T ET Streets, DOT approved street slicks, AUTOMATIC TRANNY!, and no NOS

    Price - STARTING @ $111,845 USD (est.)

    This Car ownz all other cars. PERIOD. Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Porsches, Vipers, Mercedes whatever you want to throw at it, this car w/ THIS package, ownz them all. Stats don't lie, Lingenfelter mods rule!

    O, and my proof for all this:
    TT package -
    Timeslip -

    Video of a LPE 427 CID Twin Turbo C5 Corvette at the track

    Care to argue?
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    Frankly this is stupid. A vette is a nice car with a great history but it has grown up to much and has lost its supercar roots. it is now nothing more than a status symbol, while the viper is a pure muscle car. and i dont care how much HP yer vette has, 250 is almost impossible to hit due to aerodynamics, besides according to your own stats the venom 800 has more HP, Torque, and it has an established 0-60 time, so unless you have more stats... you just lost this one.
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    Hate to be a ball breaker but neither car is the best. First of all “best” is solely up to the buyer and his/her preference. But, be it in stats or design there are a number of cars capable of topping both. Road legal cars include the Diablo VTTT, the Diablo Coatl, and the Diablo Gemballa VT Roadster the Ferrari F50 GT, the Mclaren F1. Even with N2O the car would only top the F1, Coatl, and F50GT. But by that standard why not then bring up the Colani Ferrari which does 436kmh (270.8mph). I know what you are going to say already, they are more expensive. Well for $112,000 US I can’t see myself driving away in a Corvette. I’d rather buy the Viper Venom 800TT which is faster if the vette lacks N20. Realistically I’d never put n20 in a car that is of value anyway because it destroys the engine and only works for a stretch of road. I’d rather have the naturally faster car.
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    Sounds like z06baybee is a little intimidated towards the Venom 800. He has to go to the Venom 800 forum and say, "STOP! MY FAVORITE CAR THE CORVETTE IS FASTER! PLEASE THINK THIS ALSO!" Neither cars are the fastest or the best. There is no "best" car. So, why don't you just go home, and think what you want about your Corvette being the best, because absolutely none of us care.<!-- Signature -->
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    if the 800tt is not fast enough put it up to the 2000 cobra boss.
    0-60 1.9 seconds
    0-100-5.5 seconds same as 800tt.
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    That Vette and this aren't supercars anyway, their Modified cars, <!-- Signature -->
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    The stock Viper and Vette are already Supercars. <!-- Signature -->
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    well i will agree that the best car is personall preference, i was simply pointing out that the venom 800 is better than the that was described. Also everyone has there own definition of a super car, so its not fair to say this is not one
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    0-60 in 1.9 sec?? give me a break. how could u get somthing so heavy to go so fast in such a short amount of time rt10?<!-- Signature -->
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    Mach1 has a good point, even with a lot of power, aerodynamics and traction would make that highly unlikely. Im not sayin it couldnt happen, i am just sayin its not likely.

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