this can kill any mutha firkin rice rocket

Discussion in '2000 Lingenfelter 650 Corvette' started by Huskyboy, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. this can kill any mutha firkin rice rocket. fukin' honda's are homo.
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    Damn you are one stupid ass racist bastard!! There are many rice rockets out there that will beat it. Without NOS!
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    come on look at the sources name. I mean what kind of name is HUSKY BOY DUMB ARSE
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    slickay, show me a link for a rice rocket that can beat this car. and while your at it find one without nos that can take the 427TT Corvette. till then, let's just be quite.<!-- Signature -->
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    I nominate y'all racists to the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan.... Hail Neo-Nazi..... whatever trailer trash NASCAR-loving rednecks!
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    If we are talking quarter mile this is fater than the majority of imports but not all, WEll tuned RX7s, Supras and Skylines could out run it.
    However in the case of the 427TT it would beat a vast vast majority with just a few importsbuilt to run the quarter able to beat it. Tey are uually stripped.
    If you stripped the 427TT and built it for the quarter you would out run everything. But that is not what the car is built for.
  7. how is he racist?
    and it's not NOS, it's nitrous.
  8. Listen:
    I have a "ricer" car as you so coin the phrase that can beat your vette. I am a fan of all cars, import OR domestic.(Mind you I perfer imports for the most part but love cars in general.)
    The 1999 Nissan Blitz Skyline GT-R R348 VS this car....
    Nissan wins... here is why...
    Nissan has 4wd... vette has RWD... so nissan has better traction and handeling.... one pt nisssan...
    nissan weighs 3329lbs... vette weighs 3397lbs... mind u its not much... yet its still a lighter car... the reason i find this impressive is because 4wd adds weight... another point for nisssan
    nissan has 850hp... vette has 650hp... nissan again(and from a smaller engine may i add)
    so far 3-0 for the import...
    torque... nissan with 708 and vette with 600... yet again nissan wins...
    Nissan takes all 4 points... better handeling with more power... all and all this nissan will come on top of this vette regardless of the situations they are faced in...
    So there you have it an import to beat your vette... there are others that can do this aswell... BUT i went to the extreme to prove the point and make it... well... obvious and undesputable... not that i dont like both importand and domestic... but i dont like ppl that put down cars jsut nbecause of where they come from... maybe we should all see past the country and look at the actual achievements and technologies that all companies around the world can offer...
    Hope you enjoyed this.. Ciao
  9. PS.---- On a personal note.. for a V8 with a TWIN TURBO... in not to impressed with the output eather... concidering other companies (particularily imports) can produce MUCH higher output gains from a smaller engine with forced induction...
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