this car beats the hummer

Discussion in '1963 Shelby Competition Cobra 289 Le Mans Hardtop' started by dumbo, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. this car is a truck with power, poise and looks. Not to forget the fuel saver that runs the engine on hydralic power up until 20km/h.<!-- Signature -->
  2. Re: this car beats the hummer

    This can never beat a HUMMER. Sure it is big and may have a bigger engine, but it just won't work. It doesn't even have such a good lift, its a dually so it can get stuck easily, and its a Ford. This is nothing but a semi truck only smaller. And considering that it is a truck, the bed is a weak point if you go off road. You need to take another look at it for a sec.
  3. Re: this car beats the hummer

    This is another cheap piece of ford crap just like everything else they make. You have no taste in vehicles if you say this thing looks better than the Hummer and has POISE? this thing is the ugliest thing I have ever seen....Hummers have the right to be ugly anyway!!!!

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