This car is awsome

Discussion in '1987 Merkur XR4Ti' started by Voices, Aug 9, 2002.

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    sorry, i meant 2.3L for the mustang
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    These cars could outhandle a mustang any day of the week. They're lighter, and they have fully independent suspension. The first mustang to have IRS was the 99 cobra. And if you put about a thousand dollars into this car, you could smoke mustangs left and right. I know, because i've done it. And 94 mustangs kinda sucked compared to the 93. They look terrible, and they're about 200 pounds heavier. Which makes for a slower car.
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    i have a 1970 ford pickup with a new v8 400 in it and a friend of mine have a 87 merkur xr4ti, another friend has a 92 i believe audi 100 cs, the audi and i are both about the same (speed wise) but my friend with the merkur never wants to race us. is it because he doesnt want to lose or is it because he actually has real reasons as to not race. i just wanted to know because most people who have these things think alike.

    btw my truck will 60 in 6.5 seconds and the audi is maybe a hair slower off the line but he spanks me when he shifts into kick your ass gear. top speed on his car is about 150 i think and i have no idea what my trucks is...i know its over 120 tho cuz ive hit it and was still accelerating. i would put it about 130 - 135. i like it, but it looks like crap. i havent been beat stop light to stop light yet tho. anyways i will stop talking now. who do u guys think would win the race between us 3 and where do u think we would place.(u know 1 2 3).
    thanx guys, this has really been bugging me so if i cant race him i might as well get your opinions.<!-- Signature -->
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    Stock, the XR will do 0-60 in 7 seconds. If your friend has anything much done to his car, he will definitely win. The XR's top speed is just over 130 mph, so in a top speed contest the Audi would probably win
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    hey, thanks dude thats been buggin me for a long ass time now. its nice to have somebody, other than people who know us, put their input in there.<!-- Signature -->
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    One of the major things about these cars is how easy they are to tune. any merkur can be intercooled, you do that and then get a cosworth kit, and you have a real beastly car that would rape a 5L mustang is both acceleration and more importantly handling.
    hey by the way i saw a lambo countach yesterday<!-- Signature -->
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    I used to have a 1988 Scorpio and it sould kick any Camaro's ass.

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