This car is bad !

Discussion in '1985 Ferrari Testarossa' started by F50Racer, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. i was in one of these things and this car can get up and go me and my friend pulled 150 on the high way in this car its a bad ass car
  2. Re: This car is bad !

    wELL HELL-MUTHA-FUCKIN-YEAH IT'S A BADASS CAR,although I don't believe you ever even been in one letalone drove one,lol.
  3. Re: This car is bad !

    it seems to me so many people have driven their fav cars on this website they are so lucky............OR LIARS plus the 355 is so much sweater than this nuffin special abotu this at ALL.
  4. Iv never drivin in one but I have seen one drive bye me. I almost got in a accedent because I was ogguling it, lol.
  5. r u kidding???
  6. This is my all time favourite car. Never driven in one, sat in one on a dealers yard...

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