This car is hotter than McLaren f1

Discussion in '2005 Pagani Zonda C12 F' started by canasn, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. performance wise, yes, but the looks of the F is much better looking than the F1, but of course, the F1 is what? 11 years older?
  2. I laughed, stupid old car?

    It held the top speed record for ten years plus, the Zonda F hasn't beaten this record, and I doubt any Zonda ever will, The Zonda looks great from every angle except the rear, because the rear looks like a giant square block with some lights and an xhaust pipe.

    The F1 was designed in the very early 90's, if it was designed now it would surpass every single supercar for every parameter. It is awesome in every way, still looks incredible, and is still the daddy of supercars
  3. The Dauer isn't a production car, I think there has to be 25 made and there hasn't even been ten Dauer's made. The Dauer is essentially an outdated Le Mans car with two very cramped seats, and it's really quite ugly, so it's never gonna win any design records. Has the Dauer ever had it's top speed proved? where's the proof please.

    btw, theoretically the F1 engine could reach 265mph with todays tires, and the limiter changed, so it would be faster than the Dauer
  4. I shake my head at the noobishness of this thread... minus NB's insightful post <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  5. Both the Zonda and the F1 are nice cars
  6. I would do both of them.
  7. Way hotter than the McLaren and about half the price
  8. Looks wise I'd have the zonda, but the McLaren is rarer and performance wise the F1 LM would kick the Zonda to the moon and back, as opposed to the regular just kicking it to the moon. BTW the dauer and the LM aren't production cars due to a too low production count. SO in summary I'd take a veyron =P
  9. Actually the Zonda F is rarer. There are only a few f's built and they will continue building them untill they reach 25 cars built. At the moment there are about 60 Zondas in total around the globe which is less than the amount of F1s made.
  10. NO he has a point the looks of the zonda are amazing
  11. Actually, the Zonda would rape the Lm on a track. The McLaren was always slightly more of a road car than a street-legal racecar. Whereas the Zonda is hardcore to the core.
  12. Actually, the Zonda would rape the Lm on a track. The McLaren was always slightly more of a road car than a street-legal racecar. Whereas the Zonda is hardcore to the core.
  13. Actually, the Zonda would rape the Lm on a track. The McLaren was always slightly more of a road car than a street-legal racecar. Whereas the Zonda is hardcore to the core.
  14. i hate how you can't quote people in these forums. Admin needs to work on that. I have to say though, I'd give up one of my kidneys for this car.
  15. oops, v3.0wned
  16. AMGrulz might be right... if you've seen the Zonda F on Top Gear. Such an awesome car, and damn does the engine sound fast. Too bad the 0-60 is too slow for the Koenigsegg CCX, haha. Nah, the CCX is hard to drive, as shown on Top Gear. This car looks way easier to control.
  17. haha. G4u. But I have to disagree. lifetime vs. summer, u crazy... Nah, but I can see where you're getting at. No other production supercar has a central driving postion and I haven't seen a car other than the F1 that you can bring along 2 passengers in. Still, this car has tremendous value and beauty. If the choice was for a lifetime, I would take the McLaren F1 since its more unique in layout and is truly legendary.
  18. AMGrulz, you are saying that the Zonda F (in stock form) is faster than the 1995 spec le mans winning McLaren F1. The LM has more power and slightly heavier weight than the f1 gtr, balances out pretty much... I would beg to differ. The LM would rape a Zonda F in every hole it could find.
  19. This is one of the hottest cars ever!! Performance, who cares?? This look so good so why do you people talking about performance?
  20. hahah exactly.
    People are too obsessed with maximum speed and 0-60 acceleration.
    Those figures are only important in huge long test strips and drag races.....
    Both of which have nothing to do with actual track racing.

    The Zonda F is one of the most stunning cars on the planet,enough said really.
    Price?Performance?Fuel economy?
    Who cares when it looks that good!
  21. The italian design is superb! Wild personality!
    The F1 is very nice too, but the back is not well designed. But I think F1 has better performance because it's less heavy.
    I didn't know Pagani 2005 has 650hp (602hp ???).

    Anyway if a street car has more than 500hp and less than 1500kg and a beautiful design/ good manevrability then is more than sufficient.
  22. The F1 LM would beat a Zonda F around a track because its a TRACK CAR. Jermy clarkson himself talked about how distasteful the cokit egonomics were in the F1LM. It was hard to get in and, its so loud that you have to wear ear muffs just to drive the thing. Its not really ment for the street, it was built because a few mclaren owners Begged the creater of th F1 to build a stree legal race car so he built 5 and sold then to provate owners.

    The Zonda F is a stylish street car and it looks ten times more appiling than the F1 or F1 LM to me. I'd take a Zonda drop top over just about anything except a MC12. A Mclaren is nice if you want to impress car buffs, but you drive downtown in a Zonda F/convertible and see how many females and regular people give you "the look."

    And if the Zonda R is as great as they claim it is, then it will be able to dominate a Mclaren F1Lm on the track.
  23. Shutup, you idiot. The Dauer 962 is pretty much the most badass racing car ever built, for the street. It also has been tested. Ask Ajhzan or whatever for details.
  24. Look as far as the Dauer 962LM is concerned for its era (i.e, the 90s), nothing could REALLY touch it, except for the McLaren F1. Granted the F1s top speed is 11.3mph slower than the 962LMs top speed. Plus, there 24 Hour of LeMans racing records, both are really equal to each other, if you REALLY think about it.

    But, yes I have absolutely NO idea why he or she would say something like about the 962LM...NO idea what so ever!

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