This car needs more HP

Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1' started by USRACING, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. I think a special edition stangs like this should at least come with 340hp. Plus, it's called a Mach 1 so its supposed to be a fast car. It barely even outpreforms the Bullitt.
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    Yeah they should have made it go the speed of sound. Ford is so dumb.

    But really though. It's a model that is suppose to fit between the 260hp GT and the almost 400hp Cobra. And so they don't need to waste money on the GT that they are going to completly change in a couple years anyway, they just continue with their specialty mustangs. I would be perfectly content with this Mustang. Mine only has 225hp and 300 would be fine and peachy. Especially with the 3.27s in the back and a set of factory Brembo brakes and a fuctional shaker hood. Thats my favorite feature. It's bascially like a Mustang that's been modified and comes with a factory warrentee. And has some older styled seating and little interior details as well. It runs low to mid 13s stock, and no more than a bolt on or two will get you to that 340 level that it NEEDS so desperatly, but will still only gain you a few 10th in the 1/4.
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    This car has plenty of kick. I just paid for one which will arrive in March. The live axle and dohc engine allow it to run a 13.2 quarter mile on street tires and 0-60 in 4.9. This car is a vintage masterpiece, shaker scoop and all.
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    They'll be all sold soon.
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    0-60 in 4.9 isn't too fast. but then again that depends on how much this costs. Cuz you can get a WRX Sti for like 30 grand and that can take down about anything on a wet track and can take down Mustang GTs anywhere.
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    Ok...4.9 seconds is slow The wrx does this in 5.4, and yet you think that thats fast...uh huh. The mustang gt will do the quarter mile in 13.7 seconds, the wrx 14.1, again slower. The Mach 1 will do the quarter mile in 13.4, thats as fast as a camaro ss, or the 2001 cobra. So again, how is the wrx better than a mustang...?
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    Yup, and one of them are coming to me <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> I actually got a call from my dealership. They will have a VIN number for me in a week, and I should get the car earlier than expected. He said January.
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    yeah i must say 223kw's isnt great at all, but still a good kick in the butt when u hit the throttel
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    Has anybody other than me and SLP CamaroSS ever driven a car? I doudt it little morons. Saying that 300-340hp isn't enough and that its not all that great, wtf? I can tell just from that statement that you have never driven a car before. Come back when you are 16 and can aleast drive.
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    Just look at it. It needs more power anyway just to go with those ferocious looks.
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    over 300+ horsepower is alot of power.especially from a car that is gonan be priced at under the 30k level. there is no other car that can compete with this that has the same price. 13.4's in the quarter is pretty damn fast!!
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    I agree, come back and talk all you want when your WRX has 300+ horsepower. Not to mention the gut wrenching torque that a V8 has at the same rpm's. Oh, I'm sorry, cubic inches joke! When a vehicle can leave behind molten chunks of meaty rubber behind it coming off the showroom floor, it has sufficient horsepower.
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    Needs more power? This engine puts out more than 1 hp per cubic inch. It's naturally aspirated. The friggin NSX is in the same speed category as this car, and it costs 90 grand! You have no concept of American muscle, only the jap crap shit cars you see are on TV that in reality, are SLOW! A bodykit and a NOS sticker do not increase horsepower kid. Lets put the same "boost" in this car that people put in Supra's. Wanna see a 600 hp+ monster? Thats what you'd have. Us American car fans don't need boost to be fast. We like to rumble through your neighborhood at night with our loud exhaust. We like low end torque. Why? Because we do and you just won't ever friggin' understand. So shut your mouth and respect your maker.
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    what do you mean by respect your maker, i don't care much about japanese cars , but that comment is really racist and dumb, or you need an axplanation.
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    How in anyway is that comment racist...? People who just throw that word around are morons, especially when he was in no way talking about any race of people.
    He was talking...ah forget it, its not that hard to understand, read his post until you get it.
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    I wasn't speaking to you. Fight your own god damn battles. "Respect your maker" means respect that which is superior. American cars, imo, are superior to Jap crap, and thus, your maker is the American car. Don't throw this racism accusation bullshit my way. You've already lost your pathetic argument.
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    you are a true dumb ass, thats all i have to say.
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    you know what Mariowrc?
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    more hp means es don't grip they just spin in circles..
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    That would be torque, little buddy <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    I'd get a blue one
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    How much are they asking for this pony?
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    that'd be about $30,000 and they're making 6500
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    IMO this car has just enough HP and with a 0-60 of 5.3 it's fast enough

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