This car needs more HP

Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1' started by USRACING, Oct 8, 2002.

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    American cars in no way are superior to Japenese cars nor Japenese cars superior to American cars. You did say its in your opinion which I respect but IMO Euro cars are superior to both Japenese and American cars.
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    but ur also paying an arm and a leg in order to own a european car. for the amount of performance u get out of an american priced car, theres not much that can top that.
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    5.3 Consevatively. With a better tire, the launches have been 4.9, as well as a quarter mile run of 12.9, which is incredible.
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    I love Euro cars. I want to get an M3 when my Camaro gets too old. I love the value of American muscle cars.
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    its good enuf
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    Common kid thing. Anything under 400hp is underpowerd. Even though if they went in a car with 380hp it would scare the crap out of them. I dont have much to say for myself though. The fastest car I have ever driven is a 00 Mustang GT and that quick car. It will beat most cars you will see on a normal day. Now a mach 1 or the cobra are better made cars with better and more powerfull engines, which means even more fun.
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    Ahhh...thank god finally somebody with some intelligence here!
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    actually the car makes 340 hp at the end of the track and with little things like k&n and drag radials this car can most likely see high 12's the mach one was a very good idea from ford hardly costing anymore than a gt, and looks even better
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    Actually with nothing more then drag radials the Mach 1 will hit high 12's. It's an amazing car no doubt.
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    People who thnk about buying a z06 should really read these forums because I know I wouldnt want to spend 26 thousand more for a car that hardly out performs the mach1. To think with bbk lowering springs, racecraft suspention, and 10-12 psi procharger, you would do circles around a z06 and lose any other production car is more than amazing, and have money left over for who knows what else maybe that new car your wife was looking at.
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    No, he said the WRX STi is fast, read his post again, fool.

    Anyway, the WRX is faster in 0-100km/h, and you know damn well that the GT doesn't break 14.0
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    The GT has broken into the 13's many times "fool". 13.7 is the best time so far for a stock GT, but many people get 13.8-9 with them all the time.
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    13s in a GT?? wow.
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    I own a oo' feture car and with a pasenger I got a 13.85@98mph
    it was runing consistent 13's all day at seattle international raceway (S.I.R). So who r u to say that we know damn well, my car has the same amount of power as a regular gt 260hp & 300lb ft. It's completely stock and im going to keep it that way because im very happy with the amount of power it has, plus they only made 3660 of them.
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    mach 1's are underrated big time, people are running low-mid 13's with them, a friend of mine ran a 13.5 in his with 500 miles on the engine.
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    I'd prefer this car not exsist at all. The money could have been used to develop a better focus.
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    ooooooo why don't you break out the dusty ol' MM&FF again and "prove" it.

    They don't break 14, you know it, what you're experiencing is a wet dream.
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    if there was a computer behind the wheel, i would bet you $20 it would brake 14.
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    What, do you mean if the car was being shifted at exactly the right time? perhaps it could break 14, MAYBE reach 13.9.

    But the Automatic most certainly could NOT.
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    bisicly if it shifted at exactly the right time, with maximum throtle, without wheelspin it could reach into 13no problem.
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    Everyone is living in a world of computers and fairy tale numbers, just like many imports look good on paper but make little torque which is what you want. Consider this, the new SVT cobra makes 390 Hp and in a recent test in Car and Driver ran around 13's on stock tires. the editiors said the slow times were traction related and with it's 120 some mile per hour trap speed it had alot more potential, Eg better tires and a gear change in the rear end. with these improvments they estimated it could run in the low 11's. That is FAST for a mostly stock production car, with only 390 HP. I don't imagine there would be that much of a difference between 390 and 340.

    You'll probably luagh and I don't care but my 1996 Ford Windstar (a parts runner) with a worn 3.8 V-6 and 200k on it that makes about 190 Hp (more than most imports) and a little more torque still has some get up and go. If you want it to you can easily put yourself into the seat (of course not as good as a sports car or mustang) but my point is 340 Hp is more than enough for a street car, any more and they would have to start replacing tranny's etc.

    Any one who says ford isn't reliable has obviosly never owned a ford windstar with over 200k on the engine that hasn't been TOUCHED ONCE. and is a daily driver.
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    "torque which is what you want"

    Perhaps, if you want to get off the line quickly, or look "cool" while not knowing how to drive, otherwise high torque is useless, and can even be a hinderance.
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    anybody who thinks that 350-450 hp & tourqe isn't much is smokeing good crack... u obviously never drove a car with that much power other wise you woudln't be saying that... when an sti can smoke it's tires with just 300 hp and 300 foot pounds of tourqe on an AWD car u konw it has balls...... a 390 hp & 390 tourqe cobra can burn rubber all night long and if you don't konw what the hell your doing just get out of that car before you kill yourself and/or someone else and go back to driving your moms mini van. What this car needs is a weight reduction..... like a good 600 pounds of it. Then the car would be very fast & would handle a lot better..... but it deffinetly does not need more power.
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    um i'll only agree half way in the respect that if you don't know how to drive torque can kill you..... but in a drag race with the right tires and the right driver...... TORQUE is what you want.... why do you think the sub 5 second cars have godly torque? It gets you of the line quick, and pushes you through the rest of your gears

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