this car rocks.

Discussion in '2001 Lexus SC430' started by HPmasterauto, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. this car brings a whole new perspective to lexus. lexus is a classy car company. this is a 300bhp, 156mph machine. the retractible hardtop is a great touch. i love it . i wish i had one, dont u?<!-- Signature -->
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    Nope. It's butt ugly and there's many cars I'd rather have for the price.<!-- Signature -->
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    I think it looks fat (not phat, fat). I woudn't mind having one, though.<!-- Signature -->
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    Nope this car is butt ugly. And as for classy Lexus are badged Toyota in Japan. Is that as Classy?

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    I dont care who owns Lexus or any other car company. A GOOD CAR IS A GOOD CAR. Now shut up and go drive you KIA Sorento you fools.
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    Man this car rox!
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    Get rid of the stock torque converter and put a 3800 stall torque converter to mate the flexplate to that 5-speed auto and you'd have something fun as hell to drive on the street.
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    It looks good in person. But its slow for the price. i.e.G35 would kick its butt!! and it's cheaper.
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    own one and ripedddddddddd a g35 badly... they accelerate at 6.0 but don't compare once above that
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    lawodevolution wat did you mean bout the torque convertor... i don't know much bout cars but would love to do somehting to make it faster
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    I do, i also think this car looks great, i love the style, its something different for Lexus, and it brings a more aggresive approach to their cars.
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    The car isn't that great...I'd prefer a BMW Z3, Honda S2000 or MB SLK.
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    doubt it
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    I am a proud owner
    and i love this car
    i also own a g35 and its great 2
    but this blows it away
    it has good acceleration
    and is a great ride
    FU to tall the people who hate this

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