This car rules! do you get these in America?

Discussion in '2002 Honda Civic Type-R' started by TurboPorsche, Oct 31, 2002.

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    i'm sorry to say, we do not, but i wish we did
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    this car does not rule it is a piece a crap next to a zo6 and ah wait hold up the zo6 straight out a the factory its fast u have to add nos crap to this and the stupid fart cannons that sound like a wind up toy

    u got a problem im me

    yes i kno honda has the worlds best ingines if they had a V-8 it would kick @$$ :)
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    Hey, u don't compare a Civic to a Z06, just like u don't compare a Geo Metro to a Ferrari 360Modena.
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    People like to slap a type R sticker on their car and then claim it's a speed machine. Honda's are good for one thing. Economy.
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    Its crap. period
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    Ok, you people make me sick. You just compared a Civic to a Z06. How old are you, 12. You are just ignornat. If you want to compare something then comnpare your Z06 to the new Honda NSX tpye R, now youve got a good match up. If you want to compare the Civic to an American car then compare it to the SVT Focus. You know what happens there, the Focus gets wasted thats what happens, in ever way.
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    The focus gets wasted in every way? is that what you are trying to say? its hard to tell with the gibberish you are writing.

    And get back to the books, this by no means smokes the SVT focus in every way.
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    Just because you don't like what he says doesn't make it "gibberish". That post was easily understandable.
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  10. Re: This car rules! do you get these in America? not allowed to say the "r" word, hell it just made me have to re write my whole post.

    well here goes, come1 atcually compared a z06, muchless any c5 to a civic, damn, if any import tuner did that u would hear the "r" word immediatley, this board just amazes me more and more.

    well, to tell u the truth the is a company called arospeed in florida which makes cheap ass parts, but they have a CTR and are decking it out with thier stuff, already has 19 inch wheels on it(gack!!!!) u can see it in an issue of super street, belive its the november issue.
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    That article was written by one man. Just because he says its the hottest hatch, doesnt mean it really is.

    I could write an artice saying civics suck my balls, but would that make it true?

    Anyway, you arnt allowed to speak anymore. You have "Honda NSX" on there because there is no acura where you are from but you have Acura TL on your profile too.

    And Mustangs And Firebirds and Camaros rape honda civics even stock. I wont even go on about the viper. you are too stupid to even comprehend what i am saying now, and will come back with some lame ass incoherent insult.

    save yourself the time and the ink that isnt even being used and dont post a response.
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    Honda Rulez, just face it.....
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    sure hondas rule, in sales and economy, but they are far from racecars. not even close and everyone knows that even the hardcore honda fans. i know a guy that hyped his civic out cuz he saw the fast and the furious and raced for pink slips against an itntrepid and lost his car. he should have payed more attention to the movie and he might have seen that s2000 thats a quick car.
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    You watched a little too much fast and the furious

    An S2000 is the last car you would want to mod up

    And people rarely, rarely, ever race slips.
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    Actually, the guy of that site got his info from differen't car magazines. He basically summarized wut others say and tell us about his opinion, not by maiing things up like some people in this site do.

    It doesn't matter if I put Honda NSX or Acura NSX, cuz both are still NSXs. But in Japan, Acura TL is called Honda Inspire or Honda Saber.

    A real car enthusiatic wants a car that is fun to drive, that is reliable, that is responsive, that has great ride comfort while still has good handling, etc, not just pure speed, and the Civic I'm talking about isn't the new one, but the EK series.

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    Because there is only so far you can go with the engine, so eventually if you want to get lots of power you will have to do an engine swap.

    Its hella expensive for what you are getting.
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    What the hell does what they call the TL in japan matter at all?

    And a TRUE car enthusiast doesnt want what you listed. they want a car that rumbles, that goes when you step on the gas, that can hold its own, that looks kick ass.

    If you want handeling, by a mini cooper, if you want speed, buy a mustang, camaro, or firebird.
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    u couldnt have said this any better.
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    u like civics? How old are you 12?
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    Can you think of a better car in its class? oh, wow you have to use a Z06? a car that costs 3 times as much? Of course it would blow away a Civic, it would be pretty pathetic for its class if it couldn't now wouldn't it.

    While we're at it why don't we just compare an NSX to a Cavalier...OMFG an even bigger performance gap, I never would have expected, or how about an Enzo to a Mustang, maybe a Camaro to a BMW Isetta, or a 911Turbo to a Focus, how about this a McLaren F1 to a Grand get the picture, what a stupid comparison.

    And the Type-R is fully stock, does not require Nitrous ("NOS" - please, either you've been reading too many performance magazines or you've seen F&F too many times) to be an excellent platform for a low class race car. The "fart cannons" are a catback exhaust with a resonator it's not the car that makes the noise, it's the resonator, and yes, they are stupid.
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    We're referring to the REAL TYPE-R. People who slap those stickers on their cars when it's not the real thing piss us import-tuners off just as much as anyone else...if not more so.
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    Actually, it does.
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    Well, that wasn't very bright, but it got beat by an Intrepid?....I dunno.....

    I've done the same, in my '90 Civic Si against another guy I know in my hometown. He was bugging me to race him for over a year, I knew he would blow me away drag racing (he had a '79 Camaro, 450 I believe), so I finally agreed - but only on a dirt road, rally style. He ended up down a bank, and I had to tow him out (after I went to the end of the road and came back) there was some damage, but not too bad. He was going to hold up to his end of the bargain, but I told him to keep it. I just wanted to teach him a lesson in how different cars are good for different things.

    Most Hondas make pretty good racecars for their class, you just have to know which form of racing to use them for.
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    Give me track and strip times.
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    Well, strip times really don't mean anything, but: Civic Type-R 1/4 mile: 14.6 sec @ 92.9mph, Focus SVT 1/4 mile: 15.8 sec @ 90.2mph.

    Track times, which do matter: Fastest lap time on 1.5 mile Road course for the Focus SVT: 123.09 sec, Same track fastest time for Civic Type-R: 119.74 sec.

    Think about it: if the SVT barely outperforms the Civic SI, what makes you think the SVT will be able to outperform a car that is superior to the SI (not to mention one that is actually in the SVT's class)?

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