This car sucks.

Discussion in '1999 BMW Z9 Concept' started by bob777, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This car is ugly as all hell and extremely underpowered. . . for the price. Personaly, I would liketo see it cranking out 550 ponies and pulling zero to 60s of around 4 seconds. Now that would be a z9. One more thing. . . screw the diesel.<!-- Signature -->
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    I agree about the diesel,and the performance, but the looks and design are sweet.
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    I agree with SlipKnotMember666... This car's got the "Pimp Appeal", but not as much a "million-dollar-car appeal".<!-- Signature -->
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    Well, it's a concept, so no one knows if it's intended to be in the millionaire section...<!-- Signature -->
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    It certainly does not (!)

    This is one of the most beautiful (and I don't talk performance and driver's appeal - but purely design) concept cars ever...
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    Looks great and people seem to forget that this is not a production vehicle BMW will always up the hp if it were to go into production
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    #$%# all of you ............if you had a car like that you wouldn even give a #$%# about its engine or its speed
    i mean if i had a car like that i would put it in a high security garage and 20 guards with the best alarm system and motion detectors

    P.S. this car is SWEET P.S. BMW RULEZ<!-- Signature -->
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    Wrong my friend.If i had a car like this......i mean come on. as beautiful as it is,what would u want the power for??????
    imagine urself drag racing with it!!!
    i think that only the swetness was aimed at.
    and it's right in the middle.
    girls girls come to me i have a Z9 wooooooooooooohhhooooooooooooooo.
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    it sso ugly i couldnt give a damn about the specs, i hope they never build it
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    i agree
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    I gotta agree. I've been a BMW fan my whole life, but the styling is going to hell. I'm worried abuot this Chris Bangle guy...the Z4 is odd, and if this Z9 is the styling direction for the 6-series and the new 5-series, I think BMW's made a big mistake.
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    i love bmw but i gotta say they really need better performance in this car i mean 155 mph is its top? and 0-60 in 5.0 seconds thats a disappointment and as too the styling and the gullwing doors this car is beautiful all this car really needs is the bmw v12 that powers the bmw/mclaren f1
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    Over in Europe though, diesel fuel is cheaper.
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    And how the hell do you know if this car is ugly and underpowered for its price? You don't even #$%#ing know how much it costs.
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    what are you talking about? diesel fuel has more energy than regular gasoline. they should make all performance cars diesel. On a different note, imagine your honda civic with a diesel engine of the same displacement, it would have twice as much torque and move you a lot faster.
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    and who ever said 0 to 60 time of 5 seconds is slow? if thats slow then what is fast?
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    ok yeah this doesn't produce much horsepower but really.....what moves the car? this thing's got torque out the ass, and now you've insulted dumb are you? diesel has more torque than gas and it also will run for about 400,000 miles no problem. 400,000 to a diesel is like 100,000 to a gas, some run twice that depending on how you treat it.
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    Diesel is a growign market in europe, and good on BMW for trying to see what the market will handle, but seriously, this car is a mess of jumbled lines and ill-proportioned everything. someone please eradicate Bangle otherwise my allegiance to BMW will be tarnished, lord knows what he will do to my beloved 3-series......
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    Yeah BMW's new styling is controversial, but I think the new 5 and 7-series actually look pretty good in person. Not everyone is going to like the new styling. I'm sure lots of people don't like Cadillac's new styling either. And also regarding that 155mph top speed, it might be governed. And 0 to 60 in 5 seconds isn't slow either.
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    yeh, the Z8 looks alot better.
  22. design=nice

    engine=piece of shit


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