This car sucks

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  1. i can be it with a stock altima. The new one is hot. I mean the corvette would probablly blow up anyway. Now the lingenfther corvette thats a diffent story that i would need my 1300hp supra.
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    I hate you.
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    stock Altima sucks. Its a piece of jap crap. All jap cars suck ass. Supras are shit. I can beat them with a ford pinto.

    Gets to be annoying after a while doesnt it?

    Just shut up. You're just jealous because you dont have one.
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    Ok, the asshole who started this thread is a freaking idiot. How old are you? i am guessing around 10. do you even own a Supra? didnt think so. how dare you trash on Corvettes fastest production car yet. And i cant even believe you are acually admitting that you own a jap POS R!ce burner, they suck...they cant even handle 1300hp you idiot anyone that knows anything about cars would know that a Jap car would fall apart if it had 1300hp. your an Idiot get out of the Big boy forums.
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    Link to Supra with 1300hp... I suggest you think in future and maybe not have such strong opinions until you actually know what is going on.
    Not much more expensive than the ZO6 either. I know which car I would prefer.
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    65000 $ if about 15000$(25%) more cash than a 2002 z06. If you find that no much more, hum, youre not strong in Calcul.

    Another thing, for 50000$ you have a stock Z06 with full waranty, with 0 miles on it, and 405 hp that just wait for your right foot.
    And it's give you more speed than you really need, and maybe if, you are an ever unsatisfied guy, you can put you 15000$ on after market product that will give you the punch to equal you Higly modified Supra. But thing are that two are beautiful, but Z06 dont suck and will never suck. But wait a second, Z06 suck fuel, yeah but it's a great thing, you have only to put fuel to be fast.

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    1. You can do anything with a car. Jap, Brittish, or American.
    2.A car with 1300hp would take off(if it didnt burnout the whole way down the street) and leave you and fame behind.
    3.Corvetts are the best bang for the buck, for an american.
    4.look at the sledghammer vette, you could buy a vette and tune it like it and olny $80,000.

    My conculsion....An altma suped to the max wouldnt beat itand the same for the maxima and/or any other car of any type of nationailty.

    Just agree because I am right
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    NOTHING ON THE DAMN THING IS STOCK!!!!! Get the hell out of this forum and go learn more about this car. It's prety sad that it takes a Supra with 1300hp to even be close to a Z06 with 405hp.
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    you = stupid, dumb, thick, dense e.t.c

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