This Car Sucks

Discussion in '2002 Chrysler Pacifica Concept' started by RM3, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. It is a cheap copy of the X5, besides, it doesnŽt have any style at all
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    OH **** YOU! You are a dick. THis car comes very well equiped with Leather, Navigation, and a whole bunch of other shit .SO SHUT THE **** UP!!!! It is people like you that piss me off. Asshole.<!-- Signature -->
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    They do have some good intentions with the interior design and all that. As far as the engine goes though, how often have we seen "supercars" put out by Chrysler in the past few centuries? Hmm, i don't think we have at all. When they created this car, they were just going for comfort, nothing else.<!-- Signature -->
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    The one that sucks might be you!!!

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