this car sucks

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari 456M GT Scaglietti' started by badulay, May 15, 2004.

  1. seriously, the gembala 650 GTR runs better than that with a flat 6 engine.
    this car is a looser. it looks like a looser and drives like a looser.
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    You're a #$%#ing idiot. This car rocks the cock.
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    Choice comparison!
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    for being a ferrari it is a little slow... and the design too common... i'd like to call it a Ferrari Light... but it's still ferrari which means it's a great car...
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    Ferrari are best known for their front engine, V12 grand tourers, this car being such a thing. I think the 456 GT is a stunner, although this Scaglietti's two-tone coachwork does nothing for me.
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    let me tell you something. you are a loser, or "looser" as you call it. laughing at your own jokes is worse than what a loser would do. learn to spell. you cant refer to cars without spelling their names correctly. its a Gemballa, dumb@$$...
  7. Thank you very much. Also sir "Badulay". Please never put down a Ferrari. You will never own one. And don't reply saying "I wouldn't want any Ferrari," because anyone who doesn't want a Ferrari is a retard.

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