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  1. 510 bhp

    510 bhp with an automatic tranmission, thats nice, they could have used one like the 456 gta automatic trans. i should think they offer a manual option aswell?
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  3. Re: THIS CAR SUCKS!!!!

    You obviously know nothing about cars.......or aftermarket modification
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    Why would you post something like that. Do you want everyone to think your a retard?
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    u shouldnt b askin him if he wants ppl to think hes a retard
    u should ask him do u want every1 2 kno ur a retard
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    I wish more Mercs were like this one!! a 510HP Merc? only Stillen would be brave enough to do that..sweet car!
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    who cares if they look all tha same
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    who cares if they look all tha same
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    yeah every mercedes
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    whats the point? obviously there isnt one.
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    The Mercedes Renntech CLK GT- 4 seconds 0-60.
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    Simple instructions..... Take a dirt nap
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    they made this one the same but check out some of the others
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    One thing sticks in my mind when I think of M-B, overpriced-shit. Most of the Mercedes-Benz's you Euro-snobs talk about are all luxury cars and shit like that. They are performance cars, these are cruisin' cars meant to go pimp it on the town and get LAID. Something you Euro-snob #%$s no nothing about. Now I do have to give credit to M-B for making the SLR McLaren. If I had 450,000k, I would buy it. That is a nice car. But, all you Euro-snobs who think American cars suck cock, how about you come over to the good ole' USA and race us for titles. Nevermind, I forgot you people are chickenshit, cumguzzling queens. #$%# off. Thank and you have a good evening. >=D
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    Sorry, I meant they AREN'T performance cars.
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    This car rocks
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    i agree

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