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  1. There are normal, respectable cars. And there are those cars considered handicapped and mentally retarded as people are. This is a perfect example of one of them. The worst design idea i've ever seen. NEVER MIND THE POWER, LOOK AT IT! Who the #$%# would want to race this piece of shit? Not because of fear from losing, but because of fear from being seen near this horrendous monster.
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    first of all shodoman it looks ugly cause the car is areodynamic and it has no friction which lets it go 250 mph and another thing a car isnt judged by looks but by the power it produces u dim whit and any car with a 7 speed tranny is sick and the only people that judge a car buy its looks is a fukin poser to the whole racing and car scene. #%$ot learn some car facts and some engwniring then come back and talk shit about the car.

    oh yea one more thing what kinda piece of shit do u drive
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    NO FRICTION??? YOU MEAN NO DRAG! Haven't you ever taken physics kid because it sure doesn't seem like you have. Drag is what you mean i presume. Also, there is drag. There can never be no drag because there are always forces acting on this body from the earth. Unless you're in a perfectly isolated system, there will always be drag or you could technically and theoretically "reach infinity". But that's impossible.
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    First of all 555wolves dont talk about cars when you have no idea what they are ok do you race and build cars? its called friction thats why the car is wide and the back fender is streched in machanic world its friction u fukin moron dont ever correct me when you never drove a car this powerful or even close to this power.
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    I think you want to reconsider the moron here. I have a major in a mechanical engineering and so i know a thing or two about aerodynamics and "friction". First of all, don't talk out of your ass, because that's what you're doing. Second of all, it is drag, not friction, unless you're #$%#ing retarded and think that an apple is really an orange as well, which in this case, you probably do.
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    ROFL ARI!!! wtf do your coments have to do with anything? "do you build cars?" probably not. "never driven a car this powerful or close to it" no, very very very few people have. that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that your wrong about your terminology. take a physics class, or get some common sense. friction = 2 things rubbing into each other, i.e your brake rotors and calipers. friction creates heat, which is then disipated so you get rid of that energy and slow down. now if the friction is between two things and one of those things is air, is called DRAG. your cars not actually scraping up the air its passing by, air is a gas. its just pushing it out of the way. a more aerodynamic car (like the one you see here) makes that process much easier and makes less drag. I can't believe you have never heard of that term or questioned why they call it drag racing....
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    Thank you Kevman for clearing that up and explaining to AR the difference between Drag and Friction.
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    ummmmmmmmmmmm it doesn't suck!... it blows.... (along at 250)<!-- Signature -->

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