This car sux

Discussion in '2000 Lamborghini Diablo Coatl' started by SupraCharged, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. everything under the hood impresses me but other than that, this car is crap. Just take a look. It has an carp granma of a car appeal to me try the mclaren or the supra.
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    u suck lambos kick ass
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    Why does everyone say this car is so bad, it is the best car ever, in the world
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    I think people hate it because it's an ugly colour, and way different from other lamborghini's, and maybe people hate it because its not a production car, and therefor cannot really compair to other cars.
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    I got a pic of it gold, i am not sure if it looks better but in my opion gold looks better with the car not that other colour the other colour is quite more dull....

    So just check out my pic i got of it

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    ok now look just cuz u think it looks shity doesnt mean it is. this car is so hot the back looks phat as hell and just to think my favorite car is the dodge viper gtsr concept i have tons of favorite cars so u betta watch what ur ass says.
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    This is not a bad car... while it's not my fav, it's stilla great car...
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    yeah it is ugly but nobody will see the front for long.
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    too many people, too few bullets to kill all the dumb people like this...
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    freakung fast wuts up with u?
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    Shut up
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    I wouldnt call it the best in the world...
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    oh, and u got a better car? fuk u man, this car is fukkin tite. look at the fukkin stats u, or are u blind, or fukkin retarded, or both? suck a dick, *****.
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    Its the most beautiful car i've ever seen.

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