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  1. is going to own Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carrera GT, Lamborghini Murcielago, and some other new supercars.
  2. That's true. That doesn't mean that the Orca is better than a Lamborghini, Ferarri or Porsche, so what's your point?
  3. on the track it will dominate no doubt if what they are sayin is true... but it will never become HALF as popular
  4. That's right. A supercar needs perform well, but it also needs to look sexy to.
  5. If he says that this car's going to own them (presumably on a given track or by some other real-world performance measure) then I'd say that IS his point.

    You can't define better as there are too many possible measures leaving you with the question "In what respect is Orca not better than the aforementioned manufacturers, and in what respect is it better?"

    Quicker 0-60, higher top speed, better handling, better time around the 'ring - these you can measure, but "better" you cannot.
  6. Because its only about being popular.
  7. it most likely has very poor ride quality and driveability with gearing designed for racing not traffic. Also, only a few people in the know, know what Orca is, compared to basicaly everybody in the First World who can say, "Ooh, a Ferrari." Having people envy you instead of go, "What car is that?" is what rich people want.

    There is no way id buy this car, i don't like it, its good, but i just think its not a nice car. n00bs will always say, "I want a Dauer because it can go 0-60 in under three seconds," instead of looking at a car. I may sound like a fanboy of Aston Martin at the moment, but i would prefer a DB9 over an Enzo, or an Orca, just because i like it.
  8. I would most definatley drive this car, and drive it proudly. Most Lambo and Ferrari owners like thier cars because they are exotic and stand out. This seems to be way more exotic than the two and the owner will rest assured knowing no other snob will have one, that's exclusivity. Now for the people who actually care about driving the car and not showing off to make them feel big and powerful, seeing someone drving this car is a definate statement especially if the onlooker knows
    a bit about the car. The driver did not buy the car because of the brand name or styling, he bought it because he loves drving, and furthermore one could say he loves drving so much that he is willing to take it to the hardcore level (this car surley can't be the most comfortable or easiest thing to drive). So while all the others are busy parading around in thier Ferraris and whatnot and showing everyone what they have just for the attention, you can pull up and have everyone know that could give a damn about attention and just enjoy the drive.
  9. There are cars for performance oriented owners who only care about laptimes and beating people. Then there are other cars such as your aforementioned Italian supercars which are not mainly for performance, but for style too. I mean..considering cars you can buy and own from Italy that sexy now are the F430, Murcielago, and Gallardo. Other wise it's Porsche (not really sexy), and the Aston Martins (downright classy...but not sexy)...

    Those are are poser cars. People who dun just want attention to your performance around the track, but how they look on the street. I mean..Armani/Versace people. People who care more about looks than performance. Sure the Enzo is fast as everyone has been comparing it too, but what are the chances of you ending up with one since everyone has been sold already, and you need to be invited to buy one. And I've seen like 4 of them wrecked already too.

    If I buy a car like this, I will drive it with pride only knowing it will demolish alot of other cars on the track...styling thanks. Also, knowing it's so fast, I would never take it on the road as I'd be bored as hell rolling around in the first 3 gears. Give me a Lotus Elise/Exige, or Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Preferably the Vantage since I live in Canada, speed limits...road
  10. true said...this car couldn't handle Canadian winter even with winter tires. or mayyybeee it could...?
  11. ROFL...hmmmz..maybe some nobbly Rally Ice Tires will work.....but then with the current ride height, you'll be surely the first one with a clean driveway void of snow..and definitely you're residential street and route to get to work will be the first to be cleaned....not to mention you're not really gonna be able to see where you're going..HAHAHA! =P

    Yeah...due to Canadian next purchase will either be a Subaru Forester XT...or an imported 1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R32. I migth go with the Skyline....cheaper.

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