This guy is one lucky SOB (Added one more)

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    This guy is one lucky SOB

    Man Survives Incredible High Speed Motorcycle Crash

    What starts out as a regular ride through the countryside suddenly turns very ugly, as an incredible high speed crash disintegrates a motorcycle and tosses its rider helplessly through the air. The group of close friends were out for a scenic ride in South Carolina when they witnessed the almost deadly collision send one biker smashing into the back of a turning vehicle.

    The shocking video footage was captured by the GoPro mounted on his buddy's Ducati 848 Evo, as it looks like these superbikes were traveling at some very high speeds.

    The motorcyclist was promptly airlifted to the hospital following the high speed crash and reports say he not only survived the accident, but somehow suffered just a broken arm and leg from the nearly deadly collision.

    Check it out here:
  2. This guy is one lucky SOB

    "so this is what australia looks like?"
  3. This guy is one lucky SOB

    I guess. I mean he still creamed a trailer with his bike and broke several bones.
  4. This guy is one lucky SOB

  5. This guy is one lucky SOB

    This is why I'm incapable of feeling sympathy towards motorcyclists.
  6. This guy is one lucky SOB

    This, bunch of #$%#ing squids. I find it funny when they try to bully their way in front of me thinking I wont hit them. #%!@, I'm not the one who is protecting my vehicle with my body.
  7. This guy is one lucky SOB

    Not everyone drives like an idiot
  8. This guy is one lucky SOB

    Not everyone crashes, racking up massive medical bills they can't pay because they spent more money on toys than insurance.
  9. This guy is one lucky SOB

    here we have a global insurance for everyone, socialism FTW.

    The huge majority (I can't find the % anymore, but its above 75%) of the insurance services paid back are for motorcyclists, while they only contribute to 5% (or something) of the budget.

    Even with the fees jacked up 4-5 times, they are still the causing the imbalance.
  10. This guy is one lucky SOB

    Don't tar all motorcyclists with the same brush.

    It's the ususal case of a minority making the majority look like twats.
  11. This guy is one lucky SOB

    yeah man, just murder them.
  12. This guy is one lucky SOB

    I'd say the percentage of twats in the cycling community is greater than it is in the car community. Bikes seem to attract twats, especially the crotch rockets, though the assholes who tear all the sound deadening out of their Harleys drive me #$%#ing nuts because I can't even hear myself think when they drive by.
  13. This guy is one lucky SOB

    "crotch rocket" sounds so childish.
  14. This guy is one lucky SOB

    I'll agree that the percentage of twats vs sensible people is higher with bikes, but I'd still say that they're a minority.

    Another thing to consider is that there are some things that are taught from the perspective of safer riding that are quite counter-intuitive (mainly to do with road positioning) and that can look unusual. I think that if I'd seen someone else doing it before I had ridden a bike I'd have probably thought they were a twat because to most it could look dangerous.
  15. This guy is one lucky SOB

    Given how a disproportionate number of riders use them, childish seems appropriate. And I'll agree that twats are a minority.
  16. This guy is one lucky SOB

    I actually think most enthusiast/sporty riders don't follow the road rules, and it's only a minority that do.

    I've recently got into motorcycles and I notice it so much now. Some people deserve what they get.
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    This guy is one lucky SOB

    Stupidest Or Luckiest Driver In The World Survives This Insane Car Crash

    Some of the most ridiculous events to ever occur behind the wheel of a car, originate from Russia. Thanks to the addition of dashcam's to so many vehicles, we've been able to get a glimpse of some of the craziness from way over there. The outrageous car accident we see here is yet another new level of insanity.

    We've seen Russians having sex on a motorcycle, pistol firing road ragers and even blasting AK47 rounds out of a car moving down the road. But in the newest video to hit the internet, we see a Lada pulling off a manoeuvre that doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it won't work out. He obviously didn't get that, truck+broadside=InstaFail. Thankfully, both the driver and the passenger walked away from this, seemingly unscathed. What's even more insane is that it does not appear that the driver was wearing a seatbelt.

    In cases like this, we don't mean to glorify these car crashes, we simply shed some light on what it can be like to drive in Eastern Europe. Perhaps it can give us all a wake up call and serve as a reminder to use our heads and drive safely, always

    Check video here:
  18. why , for every guy being stupid on a bike there are 500 cars being stupid. texting not checking blind spots ... the consequences are just amplified on a bike.

    can't tell you how many times I have been nearly hit because someone fails to look over their shoulder.
  19. I reckon that since becoming a biker, of sorts, my standard of driving any vehicle has improved particularly when it comes to awareness.

    Car drivers just DGAF
  20. This is truth for defginitly for most bikers
  21. The difference is that there are 1000x more cars on the road than cyclists, so while I encounter more dumbasses in cars, the percentage of dumb-assery on cycles tends to be higher.
  22. I disagree , Its all a ratio , you just think there is a higher percentage of idiots on bikes because you take notice because of the higher consequence for crashing on a bike.

  23. Could be. But then again, I've never been passed by a car doing a wheelie at 100mph. I will also specify that it seems that sport bike riders are worse than the guys on choppers, cruisers, Harleys, etc.
  24. true at the same time you probably have not been passed by a guy doing 140 on a bike texting or making a call & that happens all day every day by people in cars.

    Yes sport-bikes are defiantly more dangerous & of the bad driver (which you will find in all vehicle class) there are more squids on sport bikes that's for sure.


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