This is a BMW!!!

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  1. Italdesign helped BMW design this beautiful car, but the engine and the badge is BMW. It's pretty amazing how fast this car is considering it only has 300 bhp in a V12.<!-- Signature -->
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    Here is a picture that captures this beauty from different angles.<!-- Signature -->
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    Is Italdesign just a Car Modifier Company. Or What.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from LongLiveMopar</i>
    <b>Is Italdesign just a Car Modifier Company. Or What.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Yup. It takes existing cars and modifys/tunes them, AND
    has created some amazing concepts for the companies - which some made
    it into production. (VW golf, Masarati Bora, Lotus Esprit, and the
    BMW M1) <!-- Signature -->
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    erm...the Vw Golf isn't an amazing car. its jsut a family hatchback, big deal, i see at least 5 every day, probably more. Yeah, the V6-4motion is a rarer model, but its only a golf. They've been around since 1977.
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    Wrong dude. Italdesign is Giogetto Guigiarro's design studio. Car manufacturers pay Italdesign lots of money to style their cars for them. Then the parent company decides whether or not to put the car into production. They style for different compaines like Alfa and even lexus (the older GS300).

    It is very similar to the design house Pininfarina. They style either most or all of the current Ferraris (i know they did the F50, enzo, modena, Marranello, 456, and rossa) but they are not actually part of Ferrari. They also designed the Puegot 406 coupe.
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    thank you, what some people think up these days, italdesign a tuning company!!!!
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    Did Italdesign go bust or weas it re-named Guigiarro?. Co I know theres a desighn company by that name.
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    no shit sherlock, thats what the badging says.

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