This is a step backward.

Discussion in '2007 Jaguar XKR' started by Gimme Fuel, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. The old XKR looked so much more elegant/Jaguar-like. This got the "Ford treatment" and will only sell because of rich Brit-loving and/or rapper customers. You all know it's true.
  2. It's gorgeous.

    End of thread.
  3. I like the look of this (with exception to the headlights), but they're charging way too much. The Cadillac XLR-V costs $25,000 less and it's a hardtop convertible.
  4. yeah id take the XLR-V too, i like the Jag' but the XLR-V puts out the same, if not more power than this, and its a caddy, so whats not to like?

  5. id rather an aston martin
  6. ditch the rear tail lights, coupe only, offer 150hp more, and keep the same price = win.
  7. its done enough it needs to to do well in sales.
  8. Any reason why it costs almost 45,000 USD more than the the 2006 XKR? Or for that matter, why it costs 45 grand more than the base XK? Jaguar is shooting themselves in the foot. This is the luxury segment, VP's and lawyers and such. Not the ultra-luxury segment of CEO's and rockstars. No one in this bracket is going to pay a 50% premium over the base model, not when they can snag a 911 Turbo for the same price.
  9. It's only £7500 more than the base model, and the same amount more than the old XKR. I don't know where you're getting your figures from.
  10. My figures came from the bottom of the press release and the price portion of the statistics box. Most other sources, however, quote very different figures. The price in the release is very close to the USD cost for the base XK model. Perhaps there was some garbled communication crossing the Atlantic.
  11. I agree with Gimme Fuel. This is a step backwards, receiving a Ford treatment and all. I kinda doubt, though, that it'll be big for rappers. Regardless, this just isn't the right step for Jaguar to take. The price is too high and the design just isn't of either Jaguar heritage nor futuristic. Thank you Ford. I'd take either the XLR-V or the DB9 over this.
  12. I don't understand why jaguar ditched the old aggressive looks and came up with this stupid look. I like the interior though, but still as the thread started this is a step backwards, and I guess this model won't survive much and it won't be long before they change it and come up with again with an aggressive look that reveals a jaguar. Pricewise, I think also that jaguar is doing a mistake here. The car is expensive for its class and in what it offers. One can get other (maybe better cars) for either the same or cheaper price
  13. this car is a joke, there are at least 10 cars i would rather buy for a third of the price for this overweight british snobbery...
    jaguar are going down the drain.
  14. i agree......
  15. maybe if they lowered the price...
  16. Its overweight and kind of bland. . .oh well.
  17. itll look better if it you put professional customization on it
  18. I agree.
  19. I agree.
  20. Ford treatment? u known nothing about cars, this car was designed by the same designer of the Aston Martin DB9 designer.
    U r trying to act smart and u got wasted, everyone is disagreeing with u... u know wut? U really wasted my time. reading ur stupid comments wont help me do any better...
    Just dont post any comments if u dont know anything about cars.
    Go home, boy.

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