This is a very beautiful car!!!

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  1. The main drawback of photos is that many times they lack the ability to represent clearly the 3rd dimension. That is the case here.
    This car is very very beautiful. Don’t blame easily an Italian car for its aesthetic. I’ve had the opportunity to see a Thesis at a motor show and believe me it is very impressive, beautiful and unique. It is highly devaluated by those photos.
    Basically I haven’t found any photo which represents its beauty, but at least I’ve choose three that are more beautiful than the others.
    It is not a supercar but a luxurious one with many innovations and standards that many much more expensive cars don’t have them even as extras.

    Some information now…
    The engine rage is:
    Edition Displac. PS 0-60mph Top Speed, Preice(Euro)
    1. 2.0 20v Turbo Soft, 1998 cc, 185, 8.9s, 140, 34500
    2. 2.4 20v , 2446 cc, 170, 9.5s, 135 33000
    3. 2.4 JTD , 2387 cc, 150,10.1, 128 34000
    4. 3.0 V6 24v 2959 cc, 215, 9.2, 145 36500

    For every engine rage it will be an “executive” edition that has more extras at the cost of about 5000 Euro.
    It will be on sale in most countries of Europe (not in UK) in September.
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    looks like an old jaguar in the front<!-- Signature -->
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    This car was initially inspired by Lancia Aprilia (1934) and Lancia Aurelia (1947). So, can we say that ALL Jaguars of 50s, 60s, 70, stole the lines of those cars? Maybe. But if you look them carefully you will notice many differences.
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    I see one every day when I go to work.
    It looks very special. Can't really say it's beautifull or ugly.
    Personally I prefer a lighter car, but if you want luxury ...
    The front is very impressive and the rear lights are very stylish.
    It's nice to see something else then mercedes e classes and bmw 5 series on the streets.
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    looks like crap from any angle
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    I agree. I think it is quite a nice looking car. It wouldbe better is it is a luxury car. I don't know much about its specs, but this would be a great luxury car. I think it looks a little bit NYC Mafia to is Italian...a dubious sign...
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    I think it's very beautiful car too. It looks unique at every angle. Too bad it has too weak engines for that weight...

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