This Is Hot!!!

Discussion in '2000 Sensor GTR' started by SupraMan, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. One of the hottest looking cars ever!
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    I agree! 750 kg's.. gives this car so much more kudos.. besides its awesome looking styling cues.. this car is truly a supercar.. if not a supercar.. a crazy car, or as someone once said.. an Ultracar! :p
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    i wanna c sum1 try gettin outta this car..its so low
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    This car is tight ive never herd of it before though but it looks awsome

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    This Is Hot!!!

    This Car Is Sweet, But It Looks Kind Of Like A MacLaren F1 From The Back...
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    this car is gorgeous. i wonder how much it cost..? Never heard of it before...but sure glad to see it,

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