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  1. though this car kinda looks alright and the performance is ok, this is no hemi. It may have the name, but it doesn't have the soul. Sadly, those days are over cause the power and the sweet sweet purr of the engine is gone...
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    I Need to hear and see the animal before I make such an assumption.

    Chances are though this Hemi is the 426's prissy younger sister.

    It isn't that bad still for a new engine. And the Cubic Inches match the advertised horsepower numbers just like the old Hemi.
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    The new 5.7 Hemi engine is extremelly under rated, it can easily make over 400 rwhp with simple bolt ons.
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    So needless to say this will give an LS1 Camaro/Firebird a run for its money and it will slaughter a stock Mustang GT. Stock this car should be quicker than 90% of the infamous muscle cars of the 60's/early 70's. I hope they offer the 6.1 Hemi as an option for the Charger. Rumors are circulating that they will match the 6.1 Hemi with an aggressive cam and performance gear ratio right from the factory. This would easily make it faster than a 2002 Z06 Corvette in a straight line...
  5. I miss the Hemi

    Kinda weird ain't it? That people like that engine so much that when the build something and slap the name on it that they instantly compare it to the old and if it's slower, we spit on it.
    LOL! I did the same thing. Good car thought but it still just ain't no Hemi.
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    hemi rocks, but i thought they were long gone...
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    I personally think that this is a pretty decent engine, but comparing it to the old "real" HEMIs is sort of useless, considering the pollution standards that car manufacturers nowadays have to deal with. It was a lot easier, back in the day when gas was real cheap, and there was no pollution standards. Whaddaya think?
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    the new Ram has a 345HP(?) Hemi, though not a TRUE firebreathing 425HP Hemi, it is good to see them going into trucks...maybe it will lay waste to the Ford SVT F150 Lightnings (if they are still around?) Hot Wheels makes a 1/18 collectible VW Van that is modified for drag racing and if you look at the engine inside of this van, (body lifts forward as opposed to a typical funny car) it appears to have a Hemi engine inside of that as well (spark plugs go directly into the heads so it has to be a Hemi)
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    Just like PT=NO!!!
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    It is a hemi. Maybe it doesn't have as much power, but the classification of "hemi" does mean something. As long as it has hemispherical heads, it's a hemi.
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    Actually, you have to remember a few things: hp is rated differently today, so a smaller number may be very equivalent to a much larger number back in teh day. The fact that this car runs to 60 faster than an actual street hemi did shows that.

    Also, for those of you too young to remember, the 426 wa only ONE of the Chrysler Hemi's from days gone by. There were Hemis ranging from 241 cubic inches through 331 cubic inches, on up to the 426. the first ones arrived in the early '50s...

    Read that, ok? Don't just comment and run away.

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