This is not a supercar.

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    HSV GTS and GTO Coupe are hand made. They may not be the quickest cars around but hell the monaro beat Lamborghini and Ferrari at the Bathurst 24 hr enduro. They are built for grunt and pulling power.
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    Does it matter if they use old technology. The engines are reliable, very fast, cheap to make and make a great sound. Sure DOHC engines would be better but Hsv are not yet at the stage to make the upgrade. Dude theyre not underpowered. Here are just a few V8's which despite having so called 'new technology' that produce less power than the Hsv Gts 300kw. Mustang Cobra - 240kw, Fpv Gt - 290kw, Merc SL500 - 225kw, Jaguar XJR- 276kw, Maserati Coupe GT - 287kw, Merc ML 55 - 255kw, BMW M5 - 294kw. They are just some of the V8's out there which have LESS power than the Gts. I am not bagging those cars, im just pointing out the have less power so i don't see how Hsv's are underpowered.

    That is not a stock Evo and at the Holden vs Ford show lat year, there was a HQ Monaro Gts that had over 1500hp and ran a 6 second 1/4. Show me an Evo that's quicker.
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    That's what the salesman said to me, who sold me my Grange. Then I said I am going to change all that and I did. Now we have an 11 second Grange so the saying goes watch out for Big Black cars that shouldnt go fast!
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    pfft man all HSV's arent sports cars, you dont need to mention any models. Forget the price, in which you could buy an R33 GTR or even a 34, the performance of the car is completely overrated. it does 0-100Km/h in around 6 1/2 seconds, even the $20,000 2001 200SX has a better acceleration time. What a dissapointment, and what a waste of V8 Architecture. Stick to family cars, thats my opinion.
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    Not all of them are meant to be Sports cars. Most of them now do 0-100 in low 5's.
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    straight line performance isnt the only factor in a performance car. i'd like to see 5 adults crammed into a 200sx for a 1000km trip from melbourne to sydney. it would be much more comfortable in a grange and overtaking power and straight line speed are still more than enough for most people
  9. I agree with all your ideas, but if you actually tinker with the engine you can find that granges have a very high potential.

    I have put a twin-screw supercharger in my engine with double-pipe intercooling system. Alrite i have to fill up the water cooler every two days, but let me say my friends this thing is a machine!

    It kicks out 440kw on the dyno at 6100rpm. I have put in little extras to soop my power up.

    Don't tell the cops!

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