This is not good, some info on this car.

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  2. this is not good, The car is great but read this

    This car is awesome.
  3. this is not good, The car is great but read this

    yah if you want a car that breaksdown ALWAYS and catches on fire
  4. Any engineering masterpiece takes time to perfect.
  5. T1S. S for street?
  6. I think its amazing to make an already superb car even better... F1 cars catch on fire remember lol. This is an F1 car for the road...
  7. That sounds like an

    This car has no purpose.... There's no point of making it road legal excpet to drive it to the track, and back home.

    No luxuries, no comfort.... Just raw race car that you can drive to the track, and pray that you don't run into speed bumbs on the way there.

    You do have a point though... f1 cars do catch fire. So the fact that this would do the same doesn't come off as a surprise.
  8. What's the S for??
  9. they need to do something to the suspension because it cant go over speed bumps
  10. 0 to 60 is 2.5 and 0 to 100 in 5 sec. total hp is 570
  11. Dude... You have NO clue what this car is about... What most supercar's are about. You never NEED a supercar. The entire point of a supercar is to go as fast as possible from point A to point B. Not about the luxuries, you dolt. All the 'luxuries' do is slow the car down, keep it from hitting it's true potential. Nothing more. That being said, you're talking to someone who stripped his 01 Honda Accord of EVERYTHING unneccesary. ALL of the interior, the spare tire, both outside mirror's, power steering pump, A/C... EVERYTHING.

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