This is taking retro one step too far!

Discussion in '2002 Ford GT40 Concept' started by BimmerNUT, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I agree, come on ford can do a little better than touch up an old design. At least change the shape of the headlights or something to give it some definitive shape so it doesnt look exactly the same.
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    It doesn't look exactly the same. Look at the wallpapers collection and check out the version with old versus new GT40. The original was 40.5 inches high. The new one is 43 inches high. So no need for the Dan Gurney helmet bubble on the driver's side. HA! I like the looks. I've said that there's a market for "reissues" of great cars. A buddy and I were talking about that the other day. He'd love to get another 19XX Pontiac GTO. He can appreciate it more now. Wouldn't beat it like the first one. I'd take another 1969 Roadrunner. The problem is getting them to look the same and still meet today's crash safety standards. Also the aerodynamics don't bode well for acceptable MPG. Not that WE care, but evidently SOMEBODY does. Can you imagine a split window vette reissue? What about a 1969 or 1970 Boss Mustang reissue. Yackety schmackety blah blah blah. GT40 rules.

    ZZoom out.
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    Guess what Fordman... I'M BACK...
    And yes Cabbage, my point exactly. Thankyou for bringing it up once again. This is shit from the 60's.
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    I agree , ford is a good company and could of done better. They could of made some more changes to the exterior, to change it up more. Remember unless your a major ford fan , 90 % of the pop can tell the difference. This car should of stayed with the great cars of the 60s.
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    Your right Nightmare, 90% of the population can tell the difference between this and it's 1960s counterparts.<!-- Signature -->
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    I can tell the difference between the this and old but that dosent mean this looks different. Besides, I'm saying that we're loosing originality here!
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    It doesn't matter if it's an old design if its modern in every other aspect, besides, it looks modern anyway.
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    To Payton101ca and thoes who don't like the retro looks, should not put posts at all.

    If you don't like retro cars then look at something else.<!-- Signature -->
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    If you look through some prior posts, especially where payton has posted, you will find several posts by me and others pointing out the MANY differences in not only the look, but what's under the look as well.

    Trust me, it is quite different looking than it's late 60s counterparts. Pair them all up, next to each other in the same room and you will clearly see the distinquishing features the new GT40 has over the older.<!-- Signature -->
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    the new gt40 has a few differences, one its longer than the 60's models, and its much more shiny! different body work (slightly), the 60's mk-2 looks da best though!<!-- Signature -->
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    mopar maniac its shiny and thats all that matters, aside from the 500 hp under the bonnet<!-- Signature -->
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    hmmm how would u be able to call it a gt40 if it looked different in any way....since it wasnt in production past the 60s it never went through the design changes we have come to seen of cars that have lasted since then.

    so in those cars we expect change...but this car.

    this car is stuck in a time warp, and thats what its ment to be like, u get in the car and u remember(if u were alive back then) the car...from the bold interior design being totally different from the original to the outside looking almost the same.

    ur not going to get this car becuz u just like the name, ur going to get this car becuz it looks like the orginal and performs just the same as the race version.

    u want to buy it becuz of its looking so much like the original.

    look at porshe, when was the last time they have changed their design? not much apart from making more aerodynamic.

    but take a look at the 60's porshe and then take a look at the modern porshe...all it looks like from the original is that someone left it in the windtunnel to long and it made that sleek back look that u see today....but if u changed the design from that cockroach looking hatch and slump design(i love that desing by the way) u will get so many threating mails that u will resort to the old one.

    get it?

    if u dont like the design well fine, but dont say that they could have done better, becuz this is exactly how they wanted it.

    the interior was designed so that it looks like a engineer did it with his bare hands and tools in the back yard without any machine help in designing...kinda like the original was done...about the good old boys throwing in a big powerful engine in a small light car to beat the ferraris...period, nothing more nothing less.

    if they made the car look totally different from the original kinda like the vettes look different from their original....i would be pissed at ford...i would be dissapointed for them even trying to call it the gt40 with it looking different.

    But they didnt do that, and for that i love ford and this car that much more.

    u get in the car u feel a time warp, u were ment to feel the 60's wrap around ur body, ment to feel a powerful v-8 in the back and ment to feel that u can kill the ferrari dude next to u at the light and in the looks as well.

    god i love this car...i almost wet myself when i saw it, thought it was a trick or something else...but damn this car is sexy, u cant mistake this car for no other car in the world, and thats the way we like it.<!-- Signature -->
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    I think that the gt40 is a great historical car and this is a great tribute to it. If some of u dorks cant see that then get a life ITS A GT40 why would u make it look like anything other then a gt40?<!-- Signature -->
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    Hell Yeah!<!-- Signature -->

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