This is the best car ever built!!

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    The more I learn about this car's design the more impressed I am. The MT900S (the street version) weighs in at 2,200 lb. and the photon street version weighs in at only 1,980 lb. They don't have any recent 0-60 testing on their site, but the car is now boasting 435 hp (rather than 385 which is the results you see here) and weighs hundreds of pounds less than the version tested by Car and Driver. Top speed is over 200 mph. This is probably the world's stiffest chassis in that it yeilds nearly no body roll, because the car is not on your traditional undercar frame. The frame is basically built into the car so that things such as the firewall are actually the frame. It's hard to visualize, but you can almost see the shape of the car when all the body panels are removed. Also gets 19-28 mpg.

    In my opinion this is the best car built to date. With a hundred extra horses I imagine it would kill nearly all production cars in the quarter and put cars that cost twice as much to shame. In fact, I would venture to say that this car will eventually rival Ferrari's Enzo (if it dosen't already). Did I mention it has scissor doors??
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    well, it's hard to say it's the best but it's damn close. I'd just love to see what the 650hp twin turbo model is capable of doing, seeing the regular photon (425 hp) already runs a 3.5s 0-60. Man, that's fast<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    I would agree. This is a very impressive car, both in terms of engineering and performance. I haven't been able to find much info on the twin turbo model that was apparently offered? I hope that is more than a rumor, but either way The corvette engine is easy to find parts for, and it shouldn't be hard to get that 100hp on your own if you were to own the car. Cars like the Zonda, Carrera GT, Mucielago, and any and every Ferrari would have their hands full.
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    Well, it is very nice (compared to other cars the company has made). I would love to have one myself, but the crown in my book goes to another car. Need I say it? The Ferrari 250GTO!
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    The 650HP TT version is offered, but no one has ordered one yet. There is talk of building one this spring though.
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    Even Mosler's site makes no mention of it, which is why I question its existance. Is it just a regular photon with the Lingenfelter set-up, or something actually produced by Mosler, because you'd think Mosler would mention it.
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    Mosler said they have plans of building a TT model by next March....
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    When a 650TT version is built, I'd expect to see it use standard MT900S/R subframes, instead of the Photon thin wall frames, because of the additonal power.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if they stuck with the Photong wall frames, simply to conserve weight (that is what this car's about, after all). I'd expect the thin wall frames to be able to stand up to the extra 200 or so HP this car would recieve. Either way, it'll be a force to be reckoned with.
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    I'm still going with the standard frames. We had to stress the engine and gearbox in the Photon, to make up for stiffness lost in the thinwall subframe. I think it would be worth the few extra pounds, for the added stiffness.
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    The McLaren F1 is way better. It unlike this Mosler is a small scale production car
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    As will be the Mosler, final certification for production should be finished very soon.

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