This is the dumbest law ever...

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  1. seriously.

    Section 6310.7 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code (Title 18)

    A person commits a summary offense if he intentionally and knowingly sells or furnishes nonalcoholic beverages to any person under 21 years of age.
    As used in this section, the term “nonalcoholic beverage” means any beverage intended to be marketed or sold as nonalcoholic beer, wine or liquor having some alcohol content but not containing more than 0.5% alcohol by volume.

    Fine 0-$300
    Jail 0-90 days

  2. no, the 21 year old drinking laws in the unites states are the most stupid, this is the second most stupid.
  3. well, it has a very common precedent.
    someone is found to be providing minors drinks, but then had the loophole of saying it was a non-alcoholic drink.

    loophole closed.
  4. Yeah, but it's a NON-alcoholic drink.
  5. Furnishing alcohol to a minor in my state, the fine is between 1000 and 2500, and you can go to jai for up to a year... it is making me second guess having my party.
  6. stfu and throw one. no one lived a life by walking on their toes.
  7. Plus you can sell the TT, throw 100 parties, get fined each time and still not be broke.
  8. It would be fine, but I know that one jackass is going to drink too much and ruin the whole thing... I think I may just be very careful with whom I invite. The owners of the hookah lounge told me I should get a bouncer, lol. It would be funny though.
  9. But I'll be in jail.
  10. its a stupid f*cking law
  11. Very...
  12. Ah, I didn't see that.
  13. yeah, i know.
    it's a loophole...if it wasn't in place, anyone bought up on a supplying to minors charge would be able to dispute it using this hole in the law.
  14. No one ever gets in trouble for that, especially in college towns.
  15. Not if they were actually supplying alcohlic beverages, right?
  16. I live in a very conservative state... it happens, trust me. Maybe no jail time, but it will still be on my record.
  17. wtf are you talking about? Dispute what?
  18. Thats what lawyers are for.
  19. not necessarily.
    unless they actually take a drink sample from the minor and have it lab tested, there is no way of proving it wasn't a alcohol substitute.
  20. I was caught furnishing a room with chairs the other day. ANd I found out I broke a 2x4 with my body the other weekend tonight.
  21. furnishing a non-alcoholic drink = sticking a mini umbrella in a coke.
  22. Don't be a pussy.
  23. the charge...

    don't cry out about the validity of a law until you understand the basic principles of the law in general.
  24. Gotta love the US.

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