This is the end (or is it?)

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  1. That transfer of capital from the middle-and working class population to the small money elite is not healthy. In the US 95% of income gains since 2009 have accrued to 1% of the population. This while 90% of the population has actually seen their purchasing power decline...

  2. Europe and Japan's economies up until the 1980s were stabilized by the much more massive US economy. Today that's less true, though the US market is still generally the bellwether of the world market.

    Also, see VI's post and the paper attached, as it's pretty rad, and looks at the topic in greater detail.
  3. Out of all the people who have studied economics, the smartest are probably at the top of government doing a great job.
  4. *private business making obscene amounts of money.
  5. Anyway, one of the biggest reasons I don't want society to fail is so that those doomsday prepper retards won't get a chance to feel smug.
  6. Yeah, private sector has always done better than government in western society.

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