this is the ugliest thing i have ever seen

Discussion in '2006 Rinspeed zaZen Concept' started by ryan117, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. it is and its awesome
  2. ummm who ever doesent think this car is ugly(in an overdone way) is kidding themselves, look at the bak of it for instance
  3. at first, i thought it was a new porsche when i saw the front thumbnail, and it still looks ok
  4. The coolest roof in the world!
  5. i don't like porche.. this is white, and it looks worst too.. the back i have to understand it..
  6. It is a really cool roof, but the seats look uncomfortable as hell.
  7. Cool ideas behind the materials looks like some 80's concept car though, and those were horrific.
  8. I think the material idea is cool to have these transparent stuff on it. hmmmm imagine if the car's hood was also transparent and the engine too. That would be cool to see the engine running :D However with this orange interior it suits to be owned by some fashion designer
  9. Design job a l� 1979 combined with the bad taste of ricers: THIS CAR!
  10. You, as a Ferrari-fan should have seen that the frontlights are taken from a Ferrari 612!
    Check it out!
  11. the back is ok but it doesn't fit with the front
  12. i think the idea is brilliant and it looks brilliant. what is wrong with it exactly. tell me what you would change, dont just say the rear elaborate. theres nothing wrong with this.
  13. I don't really like posting in the indies, but oh well.

    To be honest, it is a very over-the-top design. Will we ever see anything like this on the road? Likely not. But then again some concepts are created just to make a statement. This is why they tend to be so over-the-top to begin with.
  14. Rinspeed usually ruins the European Cars...
  15. rinspeed owner is one dumbass old geezer that should stop ricing Porsches and Vipers...
  16. Yes this is a perfect car, but more power thank you.!!!!!!!!!!
  17. what this car is nice just ugly rear design
  18. These comments are made by shills working for companies like General Motors that want to stifle innovation.

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