This is the way all Lambos SHOULD be

Discussion in '2009 Lamborghini Estoque' started by limegut, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. I despise Lamborghini for the way they claimed to make amazing cars without a racing history at all except for a few races which non official teams have competed in extremely lately. Lamborghini spends nearly no money on making a racing name for itself. Lamborghini is the cool car for non-car people. But finally, a car that is not a low production, decieving car is made by Lamborghini! I look forward to low power cars and sedans by Lamborghini because it would keep the brand from living a lie. Long live the Estoque!
  2. That's your point of view.. I respect it, you don't like Lamborghini, you like Ferrari? I love all Lamborghinis from the 350 to the Diablo. They have their own personality, to say the least. I do not like Murcielago, Gallardo and Reventon as much though, lost alot of the appeal there..
    Early Lambos are amazing cars, for car people. The newest ones, may be a little more "cool car for non-car people" though. But don't say the 350GT or Miura are for non-car people, I'd consider that blasphemy..
  3. The early Lambos I guess are cool especially the Miura, but after so many years of making "Italian" cars without racing, it sickens me. I guess that you're right about the early stuff, except for the revolutionary fake exhaust pipes on the Miura (poser in latin actually means fake exhaust pipes).
  4. I love someone who knows their stuff.
    I completley agree. The 350 and the Diablo had characher and some sense of life and generally madness in them.
    I think the Lambo's of new lack that madness, really after Audi took over. But this.... whoa!

    Maybe the Boss of Audi was sick for the day and the Lambo designers whipped this up with no chains on or something! Because this is HOTTT!

    Hopefully they will put a good old V12 in it - I dont really like the new engine in the Gallardo 560 - V10's are for Germans - V12's are for Italians.

    I hope this car will bring back the true spirit of Lamborghini.
  5. I look forward to low power cars and sedans by Lamborghini

    I highly doubt this.........the estoque is not a low power car
  6. I agree new lambos have lost some of the magic and madeness of the old ones. But I still like them, they look amazing and most of all they still have the WOW factor which, to me, is what lamborghinis are all about. #$%# racing experience, not all italian car makers have to be just like Ferrari. Lambos have always done things their own way and been rebellious.
  7. Exactly I hope this the very car that brings back that Lamborghini magic, I've been waiting for, for a very long time now.

    So, I couldn't agree more.

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