this is ugly.

Discussion in '2001 Ford 49 Concept' started by FanksterZ, Dec 3, 2002.

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    U like the Audi TT and u call this Ugly?

    a pizy golf body with a look thats been decribed as a spatic kid with crayons

    this is a retro clasic
    easilly more beautiful that a TT
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    Its f@ckin brilliant you idiot. We are talking brilliant design work here, not some ugly german car.

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    this is ugly.

    I only like the front.
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    YEah thats right i really don't like the look of that car, it looks too much like the t-bird, i think the ford engeneers tried hard on the design part but oh well they missed out.
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    Not really , german cars Rules, they kickass, they kick any ford on earth
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    German cars are gerat Yes
    but not the TT

    and so are ANerican
    And AUsie cars - which do everything german cars do for less than half the price

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    this is ugly.

    yeah, german cars kick any ford.....right. What about german fords?
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    The TT is just a styling exercise donr on golf underpinnings to appeal to baby boomers

    nothing special about it styling or mechanical wise

    German cars see to be losing their style
    Look at the latest BMW's

    pig ugly
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    this car is not only beautiful, but its one of the hottest cars ever imo. if they were to produce something anywhere near similar to the concept id most likely sell my soul for it.
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    this vehicle is a machine of the gods. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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