This is utter bullshit!

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugs' started by Cookiemonster, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. Dan and Richard, it's been 3 days that I E-mail you guys about my V8stangman's account being hacked. That dumbass hacker changed my password and I cannot access to my account. And you all know that I'm a moderator and if that hacker goes back in my account with the password that he added, he'll do some pretty damn stupid things to your site.

    Your beloved site, yeah, tell me about it!! You guys are NEVER here at all. Some members and moderators cannot log in. And what do you guys do to help us out? Nothing, absolutly NOTHING! If was a company, it would go bankrupt in no time! Why? Because of the LACK of support that you guys, Dan and Richard, would give. You would'nt listen to your workers telling you that your doing some lack of management.

    The lack that really got!! The lack to you guys don't listen to us members and moderators! It's like you guys don't give a damn shit about us!

    I do understand that you guys have other obligations, but you should fine some time to be here, to make your site more secure, more safe for us members and moderators. It's your responsibilities to make YOUR site SAFER for all of us. If not, members will jump ship and let your site sink.

    I really hope that you will help the members and moderators that got hacked. That you WILL take some of YOUR precious time and fix this rather stupid and embarrasing situation.

    Regards, Jean-Marie a.k.a. V8stangman
  2. They wont listen. They do.nt give a shit about anything. is a crackbaby
  3. Mods who are still banned/have corrupted accounts:

    Big Rob
  4. Incredible! Who's next?
  5. Relax, it's just an internet forum.
  6. Chairman told me Rich & Dan caused 9/15 to happen on purpose.

  7. I am relax, do I look like I'm panicing. No, it's all calm and ....


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  8. Freeeeeeeheeeee Nelson Mandela!
  9. Gentlemen,

    This is yet another example of V8stangman insulting everyone. Why does he think he is above everyone else. Everyone's account has been affected, but he is trying to act like a moral authority.
  10. Gentleman,

    You are panicing. Your true colours are showing, colours of Anarchy and Vendatta.
  11. Hey, didn't I make that Fast Man picture?
    If not, lol.
  12. No, Fordracing is working fine
  13. Gentlemen,

    I am a posh Aristocrat from the Midlands, and i indulge in many captivating passion such as sailing the high seas, driving my ferrari's through the south of france where i maintain a lavish villa, playing Polo, and ofcourse as a proper Aristocrat i always enjoy a good hunt.

    I am a man who always dresses in a manner befitting my standing in society. I prefer Savile Row tailoring, Anderson & Sheppard, Gieves & Hawkes, and ofcourse i have other personal tailors in Naples where the ancient art of the tailor is still very much alive to this day.

    I am also a man of much knowledge and wisdom, which i've used to become a very sucessful businessman, the high and mighty often consult me on a wide range of subjects relating to stocks, commodties prices, high finance and other matters relating to financial competence.

    If i wish to relax for a few days, to be away from the stress of my business empire i often fly to my holiday home in Salzburg, it is here that i find peace and calm, basking in Mozart brilliance, listening to his voice which one could still here even today in the air, while sipping tea in my lush garden with my lady friends.

    My nose is high in the air.

  14. Someone needs to stop banning my other accounts, too. I've had to make like 6 now.
  15. I think that's the first time a moderator openly critisizes the admins. +1
  16. And if this situation is not resolved soon, I'll rant on even harsher.
  17. wow, that's all I have to say.
  18. Sc net must be italian.
  19. Add to this list:

    Cookiemonster (= V8stangman until he has his account back)

    Not because of hacks, but a mod throwing a fit.

    edit: hence that this post is deleted. this man doesn't care about the site, but just vents here because his private life is miserable on the account of others. Pathetic, that's what it is.

    edit: So you're not doing it, Chris, then what was so hard about replying to my PM?
  20. Who banned my HelpV8 account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's #$%#in' stupid, geez.
  21. Woah I'm back, thanks.
  22. I got owned....big time.
  23. Yours should be unbanned again. Somebody is banning a LOT of members...
  24. Yes, somebody surely is..

    edit: they ALL should be unbanned. quit playing this pathetic game.

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