This is why mercedes sucks

Discussion in '2003 Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG' started by BMW IS KING, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. 1)for luxury, not performance....dont ever say its the other way around
    2)AMG doesnt do anything. All they do is raise the pricetag, and make it seem faster with some b.s. body kit. It makes no sense. If anything, theyd add 20 bhp. doesnt mean shit.
    3)SO HEAVY. they preach having over 400 hp, especially in this car, but how much does it weigh? i tought so.
    4)NO MATCH TO THE ///M. How would any mercedes, even an AMG, have a chance against an M car of the same level. and im not talking about straightaways, im talking tracks with turns. Mercedes has shit for handling, and would have no chance.
    5)Mercedes is for F*CKING pussies. yea, u heard me....they make a majority of their cars in automatic. How do they feel about that? Dont have the balls to drive manual.

    Now i know that there are gonna be those queers that argue against me, but whatever....there is no argument. Mercedes is obviously not a high performance car.
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    Chill man, its BMW enthusiasts like him that bring shame to the community. Yes, this car is fast, but the SL55 you buy is not as fast as AMS had tested it.
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    ur argument makes no sense...there is no way that that AMG is better than M....also, that shit on the steering wheel isnt stick homie, its called tiptronic, and its for girls
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    you know what, your absolutely right....tiptronic takes more skill...good job. #%$
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    Gosh,listen to yourself. How can you even compare the two?They are as different as earth and sky. MB makes great cars, AMGs are a big thrill to drive, much better than your little poor people's M,so chill out and work harder so you can afford an AMG,take it to another level.SL55 AMG rocks and there's no question about it.
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    BMW is king you are a complete douchebag!! How can you say that mercedes sucks, you havnt driven one hav you, you havnt owned one have you,so just shut the #$%# up with you BMW is king shit. I was on a turkish hiway when i was 7 and this idiot was about 400 feet in front of us and we were going 160 kmh we slowed down to 100 and tehn we made a sharp corner and the cars tires didnt even scream and the car was solid, it was a 1996 Mercedes-Benz C220 and it had 200 hp out of a inline 5.
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    Man this car kicks in uae we have alot and i mean alot of them....they r pretty nice

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