This is very very wrong.

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    More than two people in the states have them. Read the Dupont registry of automobiles and you will see at least 6 for sale, so obviously more than two people have one. <!-- Signature -->
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    The design may be a little boring,but IT'S A LAMBORGHINI!!!!!! It's all about performance u dumbasses. Having a lambo would be sweet, but having a lombo that posseses the rarity of this, would be downright hype!! It's a sick ass SUV!!! does hummer have performance like this baby? no!! so just shut up. THIS IS COOLER THAN THE PORSCHE CAYENNE!!!
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    i remember reading something a while back they had some off road race for SUVs and this thing ad to be taken out cuz it went to fast in the sand
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    Halo is the best gmae in the world. Nobody can top it. Oh ya, VIPERS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You guys have mentioned some truth, but left out a bit. The LM002 was designed to compete against the Hummer in the army, but the machine used in the competition was a rear engined V8 model with a huge rear weight bias and in result catastrophic handling. Lamborghini then decides to slap a Countach V12 in the front, add a leather cockpit then put it on sale to the public.

    I quote from THE WORLD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CARS:The definitive guide to classic and contemporary cars fron 1945 to the present day by Martin Buckley & Chris Rees.(I got it from Chapters here in Canada if you want proof)

    "...It's story actually begins with a request to produce a military vehicle for the U.S., in conjunction with Chrysler. This resulted in the Cheetah of 1977, a massive doorless all-terrain buggy with a mid-mounted Chrysler V-eight. The tail-heavy weight distribuation led the American government elsewhere (the US-built Humvee, or Hummer, got the deal in the end).
    Lamborghini pressed ahead with it's own interpretation of the ultimate off-roader. It's production LM002 was shown for the first time in autumn 1985 with a Lamborghini Countach V12 engine up front."

    I may only be 15 but I know what I'm talking about!

    Thanks for your time.
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    You think this is bad? I saw a Ferrari minivan!!<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Hahaha, yeah but it's still kind of cool
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    i think this is actually a god idea. even though this is old and barley was produced, i still think that this car looks damn good. and it can compare with Hummers and range rovers.
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    wtf are u talking about u mean the car...? and i agree vipers do suck
  10. LM 002 isn't wrong nor SUV. It's a High-performance luxury off-road vehicle that has a fuel consumption of a truck. And it fits to the 80's. Remember that it was so much bigger, faster and more luxurious than any off-roader seen before. Compare it to 80's Range Rover for example. I'd like if they made a successor to this. A big V-12 based on a Lamborghini marine engine would be a nice option. It'd be so wrong...

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