This looks terrible

Discussion in '1996 Ford Indigo Concept' started by Tha Kingpin, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This is very ugly car just like the plymouth prowler.
  2. Re: This looks terrible

    It is quite obvious you have no sense of style or detail

    F1 RACER = Indigo

    30's Roadster = Prowler

    HELLLOOOO<!-- Signature -->
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    WTF? Looks like a prowler? This thing doesn't look anything like a prowler. It looks like an Indy car
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    driving this would be the closest any of us would ever get to an f1 car. and i dont care how many times i see it, it has a completely different look to it than the prowler
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    if it is a prowler look alike because it an open wheel car. then all closed wheel cars are look alikes.
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    it's a nice concept, trying to combine F1 and a "real normal" car together. 0-60 in 3.9 is also fast, handling i heard is simply sweet.
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    a vette can keep up with this pile of crap and this is a v-12!!!!!!!!!
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    whats your point a focus can keep up with a vette and its a 4banger dumb ass and you are a lightining fan. you should be banned for such a dumb comment look at the year.
    and anyway the vette won't hang to long when you hit the twisties.
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    Your a #$%#ing dumb ass
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    Simple reasons why a vette cannot keep up.

    indigo vette
    weight 2299 lbs(exact same as a mazda miata) 3200 lbs
    hp 435 405
    torque 405 400
    power weight 5.29 lb per hp 7.90 lb per hp
    transmission 6 spd with sequential shift standard 6 spd
    latt acc 1.20g 1.00g
    open wheeled closed wheeled

    Listen to reason. There is no way given these stats that a z06 can win. Enough said.

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