This makes me lol

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  2. Does that make you laugh??? What about an old lady getting run over???
  3. That would be pretty funny too.
  4. God damn i hate streetfire.
  5. He probably bought some anti-roll bars afterwards thinking that would solve the problem.
  6. see? this is what happens when american cars try going around corners! idiots...
  7. Ford Probes can't handle.
  8. stupid ass little kids with their cameras and shitty cars..i hope that probe driver died one less bad driver on the road.. what was the kids spaz out when the other kid lost control some people shouldnt drive fast
  9. You do know the ford probe was engineered by mazda as it has the same platform as the MX6 right?
  10. don't take americans car to a mountain road take them to the dragstrip.
  11. it sounded nice though
  12. haha it sounds like he shifted even higher before he got to the corner, what a complete idiot
  13. Sense this makes does not. Again the Probe is a Mazda, Mazda is Japanese.
  14. This is what happens when american cars try to corner LOLO
  15. Yep, it's pretty funny when some kid fips his car because he's being a moron.
  16. Anal probe.
  17. Lucas rolled his car everyone stop. lmao
  18. LOL. That's good right there.
  19. Actually walkie talkies are a great idea and an even better idea to stop for him. lol.

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